On Amazon, You Can Buy This 40-Foot Shipping Container House For $36K

Amazon may be ousted as the biggest e-tailer in the world by Alibaba’s Taobao, but that does not mean what the Seattle-based online retailer giant peddles on its virtual storefront are anything less than eyebrow-raising. In addition to more mundane, run-of-the-mill stuff it sells alongside some super weird things you never knew you could buy […]

Soon, You Can Ask Alexa To Remote Start/Stop Your Nissan Automobile

Remote start for automobiles isn’t new, but this latest features coming to select models of Nissan vehicle changes everything. How so? Because you don’t even need to lift a finger to do the deed; all you have to do is use your voice. This is made possible by Amazon Alexa NissanConnect Services Skill. With this […]

Here Are Some New Gadgets From Amazon For This Holiday Season

September 27 is a big day for online retail giant, Amazon. It was like the Apple Event for Amazon where the company a slew of new gadgets, ready to coax your hard-earned money out of your wallet for this holiday season. A total of six gadgets were announced on this day and it includes a […]

You Can Now Enable Spider-Man Skill On Alexa-enabled Devices

Fans of Spider-Man may want to know that you can now enable Spider-Man dynamic content on Alexa-enabled devices. Amazon described it as adding new skill to your device in which, when enabled, will let you use the Spider-Man invocation word in addition to the usual Alexa to learn more about the wall-crawler. You can, for […]

Amazon Echo Family’s Newest Member Has 7″ Touch Display, Makes Video Calls

Amazon is hatching a plan to take over your lives, or at least make you dependent on it. After unleashing Echo to manage many aspects of your life like turning on/off lights, play music, read news, and even advising on your attire – all by using voice commands, Amazon Echo family now grew to include […]

Amazon Echo Look: Echo With Eyes To Take Pictures And Rate Your Outfits

When you find yourself wishing for an artificial intelligence to tell you how you look in a particular outfit, then I believe you are ahead of us in the future and the good news is, Amazon is with you. The online retailer giant’s new Echo Look is the device that will do exactly that. Amazon […]

Amazon Tap’s New OTA Update Makes Buying Echo Looks Kind Of Silly

You know how is it with the Amazon Echo. It is a handy personal assistant and an awesome intermediary between you and IoT, but the thing is, it has to stay plugged to the wall outlet. You could cut it from the wall outlet with this handy accessory, or you could get yourself an Amazon […]

2014 Patent Reveals Amazon’s Intention For Warehouse In The Sky

Remember some aliens invasion movies where one or a few alien motherships hovering in Earth’s airspace dispatches smaller alien drones to attack Earth? Well, something that sinister probably won’t happen, but a similar, less sinister scenario probably would and you can thanks online retail giant Amazon for that. It has come to light that Amazon […]

You Can Now Talk To Amazon Echo Like Talking To The Star Trek Computer

Trekkies, you have made your home over-the-top Star Trek-ish with automatic sliding doors, TNG uniform bedding set, USS Enterprise WiFi router, appropriate Star Trek TOS bookends for your Star Trek literatures, Borg fridge, Phaser replica remote control and whatnot, but it will never be complete without you barking out ‘computer’ and have your very own […]

Amazon Prime Air Made First Customer Delivery In UK, Did It In Just 13 Mins

After much talk, Amazon Prime Air Delivery finally made its first customer delivery in UK on the December 7, 2017. During this monumental delivery, the autonomous drone, which looks entirely different from the one we saw earlier, embarked on a fully autonomous journey from a nearby fulfilment center to one Richard B. living in Cambridgeshire, […]