Samsung Adds 8” and 9.7” Galaxy Tab A to its Tablet Lineup, Available Starting May for $229.99 and Up

With so many tablets being introduced, manufacturers are seriously having a hard time trying to outsell each other and the end result only benefits us, the consumers. We are being spoilt for choice (which is not a bad thing, actually). Anyways, here’s a couple of Galaxy Tab A in 8.0” and 9.7”, pushed out by […]

DELL’s New Venue 10 7000 Android Tablet Has a Premium Price Tag, Sets Sight on Business Users

If there is one thing Google’s Android Operating System has taught us, it is that tablets can be made cheap and still performs and that belief is further back by the constant bombardment of affordable models delivered by manufacturers big and small. We are being very pampered at this point and then comes along DELL […]

ARCHOS Magnus Tablet Has a Whopping 256GB Storage – Thanks to the Innovative Fusion Storage

128GB is the max you can get from a tablet’s internal storage today, but that is about to change, thanks to ARCHOS Fusion Storage. So what the heck is Fusion Storage? For starter, Fusion Storage is much like today’s hybrid drive on our desktops which combines the high capacity of a traditional HDD and the […]

Nokia Outs Minimalistic and Beautiful N1 Lollipop-powered Android Tablet

So you think the sale of Nokia’s Devices and Services Unit to Microsoft signals the end of Nokia consumer hardware legacy? Well, not so soon. The Finnish company is quick hop back into the hardware arena, but this time with a dainty little Android tablet called N1 that has an uncanny resemblance to the iPhone […]

Google Announces New Nexus Phone, Tablet, Player and Android ‘Lollipop’

today (or yesterday for some), Google has announced a few new products without much fanfare, like it always do. and so yes, the much anticipated Nexus 6 is official and it was announced along with two other new Nexus devices: Nexus 9 tablet and a Nexus Player, a streaming media box for, you know, stuff […]

Lenovo Unveils Pico Projector-equipped YOGA Tablet 2 Pro Designed with Aston Kutcher

perhaps we are completely ignorant about the techie side of actor Aston Kutcher’s, and therefore, we were utterly amazed why he was roped in as the product engineer for Lenovo’s YOGA tablet line. anyway, that was a year ago and one year on, the fruits of labor resulting from this collaboration (note we said ‘collaboration’) […]

Lenovo At IFA 2014: 8-inch Intel Atom Tablet, 17-inch Touchscreen Laptop And ERAZER X315 Gaming PC

China’s personal computer giant and the world’s number one PC maker, Lenovo has quite a few things to show at this year’s IFA in Berlin, including a beautiful Intel Atom-powered Android tablet, the firm’s first 17-inch touchscreen gaming laptop and a new ERAZER gaming rig. the new lineup kicks off with the TAB S8 which […]

ARCHOS Unveils A Handful Of New Gadgets Ahead Of IFA 2014, Including Super Budget Windows Devices

as always, ARCHOS can’t wait to show off a some new gadgets at the upcoming IFA 2014, which will throw open its door on Friday, September 6. the lineup includes an Android handset and a tablet, a Windows phone and a Windows tablet, plus three connected objects that will expand ARCHOS Smart Home concept. kicking […]

Fuhu’s New Kid-friendly Android Tablets Are So Huge That They Are Better Off At Home

the nabi Big Tab Android Tablets from California-based Fuhu may not be the biggest slates we have seen, but it is certainly the world’s first Android tablet built just for kids. though so, these massive tablets of 20-inch and 24-inch display sizes, are still perfectly suitable for grown ups and elderly too. the idea behind […]

NVIDIA Adds SHIELD Gaming Tablet To Its Mobile Gaming Arsenal

at this point, most gadget lovers would have at least a smartphone and a tablet. what one does with a smartphone is pretty straightforward, but what do you do with a tablet? entertainment i supposed. perhaps for news and web surfing too. while Windows’ slates are primarily work-focus, Apple on the other hand, straddles between […]