Augmented Reality In Facebook Messenger Is A New Age Of Advertising

Well, I bet you didn’t see this coming. Facebook is finally leveraging on Facebook Messenger to let businesses to reach out to consumers. Messenger has not been pulling in revenue for Facebook, which does make sense for a business entity (but make sense for consumers). But not anymore. At the social media company’s F8 Developer […]

Magic Leap One Mixed Reality Goggles Is Set To Available Sometime In 2018

After years in the making, the much anticipated mixed reality device, Magic Leap One, is finally going to be available soon – in 2018, but only to developers first. I guess at least it is a start. The setup include a somewhat steampunk-ish goggles (the headset), a controller called, well, ‘control’, and a small, waist-worn […]

Amazon’s Leverages On AR To Let You Virtually Place Products In Your Home

Times have really change. These days, when we buy things like appliances, we want to make sure they look good with the rest of the kitchen. You can try your best to imagine how they will look, or you can do what I used to do: photoshop the item into an image of your living, […]

Your Dream Of Wielding A Lightsaber As A Jedi Is Finally Coming True!

Since the 70s, Star Wars has captured the imagination of sci-fi buffs the world over. Among the tech depicted, though fictional, that has fans enthralled would be the Lightsaber. How nice if Lightsaber is real? The prospect of wielding the futuristic energy blade-equipped sword and wishing the worst on your enemy is strangely satisfying. It […]

This Revolutionary Tattoo Contains Audio Playable Using A Smartphone

There are many reasons why people chose to have tattoos and not surprisingly, remembrance ranks high on the list. Remembering someone, or paying tribute to a person you love or respect, by inking his or her portrait on the skin seems like the closest thing someone can do, but one company is taking this ‘in […]

A.R. Globe Makes Learning About The World Fun And Interactive For Kids

Digital age has relegate the good’ol globe to decorative piece. I mean, who the hell need a physical globe when Google Earth is just a few clicks away? But that’s for information hungry grownups. As for kids, learning from Google Earth about the Earth itself won’t be much of a fun. Learning is different from […]

In Future, Facebook Message Will Be Right In Your Eyes

In future, every information that matters to you, such as those available on your mobile, will be presented right before your eyes, thereby leaving your hands free to do other things. It may sounds like a technology only available when you are suited in an Iron Man suit, but advanced technology research and development company […]

Hyundai Augment Reality Owner’s Manual Will Teach You How to Check Engine Oil Level

Every new car owner will be familiar with the thick car owner’s manual found in the car’s glove compartment, but not many did really pick it up and study it diligently. Why? Lets face it: it is boring as hell. Unless you are already familiar with the concept of automobile workings, that book will more […]

Cinematic Reality Lets You Interact with Virtual Objects, Tony Stark Style

Virtual reality offers you a computer-generated virtual environment, which you can interact with and Augmented Reality, on the other hand, superimposes computer-generated image over the real world. While the two technologies each have their own draws, they are far from the technology envisioned in movies like Iron Man. In the Marvel superhero flick, Robert Downey […]

Echo Specs Puts Fish Finder Data Right on Sunglasses, Sounds Like a Dream Come True for Anglers

There is the sun and there are fishes to be located, so why not put that angler must-have information right on a pair of sunglasses? Well, at least that’s what Echo Specs is proposing with Echo Specs Fish Finder Display Glasses. It kind of makes sense, since such concept has already existed for skiers, so […]