Hyundai Augment Reality Owner’s Manual Will Teach You How to Check Engine Oil Level

Every new car owner will be familiar with the thick car owner’s manual found in the car’s glove compartment, but not many did really pick it up and study it diligently. Why? Lets face it: it is boring as hell. Unless you are already familiar with the concept of automobile workings, that book will more […]

Cinematic Reality Lets You Interact with Virtual Objects, Tony Stark Style

Virtual reality offers you a computer-generated virtual environment, which you can interact with and Augmented Reality, on the other hand, superimposes computer-generated image over the real world. While the two technologies each have their own draws, they are far from the technology envisioned in movies like Iron Man. In the Marvel superhero flick, Robert Downey […]

Echo Specs Puts Fish Finder Data Right on Sunglasses, Sounds Like a Dream Come True for Anglers

There is the sun and there are fishes to be located, so why not put that angler must-have information right on a pair of sunglasses? Well, at least that’s what Echo Specs is proposing with Echo Specs Fish Finder Display Glasses. It kind of makes sense, since such concept has already existed for skiers, so […]

MINI Wants to You to Experience Augmented Reality Inside and Outside the Car with this AR Eyewear

Augmented reality arrival to automobile is inevitable, the only question is: when. We know Land Rover Jaguar is doing something that would add information to the windscreen and even experimenting on “transparent” pillar and hood, but those will sometime to materialize and without doubt, a huge investment on the manufacturer’s part. BMW Group’s MINI has […]

Jaguar Wants To Eliminate Blindspots Forever With ‘Transparent’ Pillars

After previewing the transparent hood and the virtual windscreen in the first half of 2014, Jaguar Land Rover is back with a new piece car tech with the aim of making driving an even safer affair. While the transparent hood takes on the off-road terrain and the virtual windscreen is focus on race track, this […]

Vuzix’s Prosumer Version M100 Smart Glasses Now Available Exclusively on Amazon for $1,000

Until now, Google Glass‘s $1,500 sticker is pretty much out of reach for an average person. If you’re in the market for an alternative this holiday season, the prosumer version of the Vuzix M100 Smart Glasses might be worthy of an investigation. Though, at $999.99 it is still consider a significant investment – that’s if […]

This Virtual Windscreen Will Add A Dose Of Gran Turismo To Your Driving

you know why a game console racing game can never be as real as the actual world regardless of their claimed realism? it is because of damn green driving line that tells you when to brake and how exactly the ideal driving line should be. but could soon change with the Virtual Windscreen Concept which […]

Land Rover Transparent Bonnet Virtual Imaging

when driving, what you see immediately ahead of you is actually not the road; it is the bonnet and this is even more pronounced if you are on a SUV or off-roader which happens to be a lot higher than regular cars. if Land Rover has its way, the hood is no longer what you will…

Google Glass Titanium Eyewear

Wetley may have raced ahead and presented its third party solution for prescription Google Glass but the Mountain View folks also has its own set of solution in response to the style and prescription needs. meet the Google Glass Titanium Eyewear.

LASTER SeeThru Augmented Reality Eyewear

aesthetically, the LASTER SeeThru Augmented Reality Eyewear may not be as appealing as Google Glass, but it is still a piece of tech for those who want to step forward into the future and let AR and GPS feed you with info.