Winged Backpack Puts Wings On Your Back, Turns You Into An Angel

Jeremy Scott may have popularized wings on kicks, but Belarus-based artist Orange Cat Minsk AKA Volha Kotova, known for her felt products on Etsy, may very well popularize bags with wings. In her series of winged backpacks, felts were cut and trim, and put together, layered appropriately, to form wings that look exceeding like those […]

Ikea’s Blue Frakta Bag Redesigned By Hay To Look A Little Classier

You know the iconic blue Ikea Frakta Bag? Yeah. That one. Its polypropylene material somehow leaves it in a state of perpetual crumble, which kind of makes it look cheap. But it is a durable and popular bag, costing just 40 pence each, and it is used by many to store and transport small and […]

Macy’s Team Up With Ryan Seacrest To Mark 2016 Summer Olympics

Retail chain Macy’s have teamed up with prominent Emmy awardee TV/radio host and producer Ryan Seacrest to mark this year’s summer olympic games, to be held in Brazil’s seaside city of Rio de Janeiro, with an exclusive new men’s sportswear capsule collection inspired by, you guessed it, Brazil. Called Ryan Seacrest Distinction Rio Collection, it […]

These Cat Bags Have Bubble Window For Your Cat’s Viewing Pleasure

Unlike dogs (well, most of them, anyways), feline friends are more transportable. You don’t need a vehicle to get it around – all you need is this fantastically cute pet carrier from U-pet. U-pet offers a variety of hip pet carriers, ranging from backpacks to shoulder bags to sport duffels – all of which looks […]

Japanese Handmade Cat Bag is Incredibly Life-like and Adorable

We won’t be letting the cat out of the bag with this one. In fact, this has nothing do with secrets. Instead, in the case of the Pico Handmade Cat Shoulder Bag, the cat here is the bag. Before you look away in disgust, thinking it was work of a taxidermist, well, it is not. […]

Like Jekyll and Hyde, Gnome & Bow’s Jekyll’s Hyde Bags Have Dual Personality Too

Unlike women, men don’t have shoes problem, well, mostly, but we do have problem with one too many bags and if you have had enough, maybe it is trim time. Which means doing the unthinkable: stop buying bags and possibly sending your less loved collection to Salvation Army. But how do you maintain the versatility […]

Rever – Minimalistic and Stylish Urban Drawstring Bag for No-excess Carry

We love our backpacks, but you know how it is. Sometimes, cumbersome backpack can be, well, a little too cumbersome, especially when you have just a few things to carry around. In such instance, a drawstring bag like the Rever Urban drawstring bag/backpack may be a good idea. Inspired by contemporary, casual backpacks and luxury […]

These Style-heavy Bags Are a Nod to the Classic Brown Bags

Want to stand out from the crowd in this face pace, style-conscious urban jungle? How about carrying bags made out of paper? Well, not just any paper. That would be silly cos’ regular paper will pulverize under the rain. We are talking about Urban Kraft’s bags and accessories made exclusively out of innovative paper material […]

The Gfeller Document Case by Best Made Co.: Uber Stylish Document Case That’s Hard to Ignore

If you haven’t already gone paperless and travels quite a bit, then we suppose you still need a document bag, or in this case, a document case for all your papers and writing materials. If so, here’s one coming from Best Made Co., dubbed Gfeller Document Case, that should appeal to style-conscious, paper-loving folks. Made […]

Bomber Barrel Bag: The One Bag That Will Have Your Work and Play Covered

if you are one of those people who find anything more than one bag in your life is a hassle, then we suppose all you need the one bag. fortunately and unfortunately, bags are in abundance in the market, but most of them are also pretty specialized in a way. never quite versatile is what […]