Brizo Has The First-Of-Its-Kind Concrete Faucet Money Can Buy

When it comes faucet, the last material you expect it to be made out of is concrete, but here it is, the Brizo Vettis Concrete, a concrete faucet that screams industrial look like the cast concrete basins we saw earlier this year. Each Brizo Vettis Concrete Limited Edition Faucet is painstakingly crafted by Canadian expert […]

Roast Beef Sandwich Bath Soak: Roast Beef-flavored Bath Salts Is A Thing!

You know how some small corner delis will make you smell like the food the delis are whipping up? Well, if you love the idea of the smell of food clinging onto you and you are also huge on roast beef, then the ‘World Famous’ Roast Beef Sandwich Reality Bath Soak is the ultimate treat […]

Someone Actually Had A Custom Urinal In The Form Of A Venus Fly Trap

Any man with a sound mind will not want his man-meat anywhere near a Venus fly trap even if it poses no real danger to human’s bodily parts. But ask Oto Cadsky, he kind of love the idea, or at least that’s what we believe he dig. I mean, seriously. How else do explain why […]

Urinal That Looks Like A Beer Keg Is A Must-Have For Any Man Cave!

Attention! Dudes who live and breathe beer! If your man cave has a bathroom, the Stainless Steel Beer Keg Urinal from Etsy seller HammeredInTime is the novelty toilet you need to have. I mean, seriously, man cave is synonymous with foosball table, dart game, pinball machines, cosy couches, and at least one bar with bar […]

Urinal That Play Ads While You Pee Is A Sign Of Advertising Apocalypse

In case you are wondering, this urinal with built-in video screen does not serve as interactive target for Stormtrooper pisser. They are for ads. What??? Yes. Men, your safe haven from the world of ads have finally met its demise. The public restroom will not be spared from the onslaught of advertising either. But we […]

Duratex’s Shower Head, 3D Shower, Is As Unconventional As It Gets

Duratex is publicly traded Brazilian company that produces wood panels, but it also has a myriad of companies under its wing. Among them is Hydra (no relation to the fictional evil organization in Marvel universe, btw), a company that specializes in bathroom accessories like shower heads and stuff. This radical shower head, called 3D Shower, […]

Xiaomi’s New Smart Toilet Seat Will Not Let You Sit On It For More Than 30 Mins

Good news, folks. You don’t need to have $7,500 to own a smart toilet because, Xiaomi will have you covered. That’s right. Xiaomi, the soon-to-be-listed China tech company, AKA master of mixed goods/gadgets, also makes toilet seat that will turn your toilet experience into a smart experience. Apparently dubbed Xiaomi Smartmi Small Smart Toilet Seat, […]

Kast Concrete Basins Add Patterns To Concrete Basins And We Are Torn

The mention of concrete objects, you’d relate to raw, gray surfaces, but not in the case of Kast Canvas, a new line of patterned basins from British concrete basin specialists, Kast Concrete Basins. As the product name suggests, these concrete-based sinks aren’t presented in the typical raw, gray form which some of us admire so […]

Bathroom Goes High-tech With These Kohler Futuristic Bathroom Products

We are all up in making our home high-tech, but the one place in our homes that most people probably won’t consider making it high-tech is the bathroom. Why? Probably because of the lack of high-tech bathroom products and this is sparsely filled void is where bathroom and kitchen equipment maker Kohler aims to fill. […]

Soon, You Will Be Able To Make Your Faucets Do Your Bidding With Alexa

You know Alexa? Yea. Of course, you do. TBH, when Amazon first introduced Alexa, we didn’t think it will have such an impact on people’s connected life. I mean, Alexa isn’t the sole voice-activation technology, but for some reasons, it has seen widespread adoption from the basics of basics like speakers, to headphones to desk […]