Beats Studio Wireless Headphones

love the new Beats Studio headphones, but hate the cable? well, seriously, who doesn’t? if cable has been a thorn in your flesh for this long, then you might be elated by this news: the Beats Studio has just gone wireless. the Beats Studio Wireless Headphones, as it is called, offers the same features and functionality such as

Beats by Dre Studio Headphones – An Icon Remastered

the iconic Beats Studio headphones has been rebooted and revitalized, and is now up for pre-order for $229.99 a pair. we don’t know about you, but the new Beats by Dre Studio Headphones looks a little more sophisticated to us as far as design is concerned, which means we are kind of digging its new look.

Limited Edition Denim Beats by Dre Studio Headphones

marking its newly launched Denim Studio, the Limited Edition Denim Beats by Dre Studio Headphones is part of the UK retail giant Selfridges’ collaborative efforts with Beats by Dre, featuring a rad denim print on the headphones. each pair of these Beats audio cans will come with a matching hardshell carrying case

HP Slate 7 Android Tablet with Beats Audio

if you are in the market for a tablet with ‘big’ sound, then you are in luck. HP has announced the HP Slate 7 Android Tablet, the industry’s first slate to come equipped with Beats Audio. while not everyone is agreeable with Beats Audio, it is still a nice touch to have ‘better-than-stock’ audio on a tablet, and the best part is

HP ENVY 27-inch IPS Monitor with Beats Audio

still not into All-in-One (AIO) PC? then perhaps this new HP ENVY 27-inch IPS Monitor with Beats Audio might be of an interest to you. as you might have already noticed, the star of this new ENVY monitor is naturally, the Beats Audio. the HP ENVY 27-inch IPS Monitor features built-in speakers that are developed…

POC Receptor BUG Communication

honestly speaking, we are not totally agreeable in blasting tunes into your sound hole while hitting the half pipe or anything of sort but for whatever reason you felt to do so, we thought it is logical to do as safely as possible such as wearing one of these POC Receptor BUG Communication helmet. so what so special about this head protector? apart from some of the features…

Beats Pill

Beats is one brand that you either hate or love passionately. however, whether you like it or not, there’s no stopping this brewing audio electronics juggernaut from taking a big chunk off the the high-end headphone market. and they are not about to rest on their laurels just yet and has set their foot on the Bluetooth speakers territory with the Beats Pill. bearing an…