CompREST Is A Camping Bed That Can Charge Your Phone Too, Well, Kind Of

Anyone who camps know it is bitch to sleep on the natural ground, separated only by just a thin nylon sheet of the tent. In response to this harsh reality, avid campers who seek a little more creature comfort uses air mattress or thick woven rug in a bid to get more comfy, but they […]

Layla Sleep is a True Bed-in-a-Box That Comes Complete with Bed Stand Made Out of Cardboard

The concept of mattress-in-a-box isn’t new, but have you heard of bed-in-a-box? Yup, that’s the entire bed, packed into a shipping-friendly box, which is exactly what Layla Sleep has to offer. Instead of seeking for a bed frame to go with the mattress that came in a box, Layla Sleep comes with bed stand called […]

This Bed Is The Closest You Can Get To Your Childhood’s Race Car Bed

our best guess is, most of us don’t have the luxury of sleeping in a race car bed when we were kids. depending on when you were born, race car bed was either non-existence or they were reserved for richie rich’s offsprings. now that you have all grown up and financially independent (hopefully), you’d be […]

Bentley Home Collection

among the many things that Bentley Motors is proud of, is the exquisite interior that is signature to the British automaker’s luxury fleet. if you long for such lavishness outside of your automobile and have, at some point in time, even contemplated sleeping over in your Flying Spur, then there are three things you could do.

650 Gallon Fish Tank Aquarium Bed

despite the fact that the term ‘sleeping with the fishes’ is not exactly a good expression, there are still some folks who are so fond of aqua life that they’d wish for that to happen, though probably not the way Italian mafia would have interpreted it. anyway, this 650 Gallon Fish Tank Aquarium Bed created by aquarium specialist, Acrylic Tank…