PolarPro Sets New Bar For Light Transmission With New Lens Filters

Shooting pro-level kind of images is not by accident. You will need to know how to work a camera and sometimes, you need a little help from filters. It shouldn’t come as a surprise. The fact that smartphone makers are fervently pursuing the filter route by the way of software should offer a hint of […]

This AI-enabled Photography Gadget Will Help You Take Pro Images

I am not going to lie. I am one of those who are intimidated by the many settings a DSLR has to offer. The exposure, white balance, ISO, shutter speed and such all works to overwhelm this timid gadget man and you can imagine the delight when Aurga pops up in our inbox, I was […]

This Attachment Will Turn Vintage Film Cameras Into Instant Cameras

If you are still holding on to vintage cameras that has a film holder on the back, we have an exciting news for you. A Taiwan company called Rezivot Lab has designed a special accessory that will turn vintage medium- and large-format cameras into instant cameras. Yup. Instant gratification has arrived to these almost forgotten […]

I’m Back Wants To Turn Your Old Film Cameras Into Digital Cameras

While Yashica is back in business with a camera with faux film, an Italy company wants to turn actual analog film cameras into digital cameras. The product called I’m Back, is an add-on device that goes into where the film would normally go into, thereby taking over the job of capturing images. Instead of film, […]

Incase Leather Neck Strap: Heavy On Style, Merciful On Your Neck

We are not a shopping blog. We don’t force anything into your throat, but if something as stylish as the Incase Leather Neck Strap for DSLR Camera comes up, we felt compelled to share with everyone because, sharing is caring, or something like that. Apart from tech culture, style is equally important to us and […]

With A Clever Tweak, This Camera Strap Will Take The Pressure Off Your Neck

Traveling and capturing breathtaking images are awesome experiences, but the pressure on your neck from a heavy rig isn’t quite. Up till now, traveling photographers have to put with the burden of heavy camera and possibly hope that the joy of photography and beautiful sights will provide a kind of anaesthesia to the pain in […]

Cruick Is A UK-made Premium Leather Camera Strap And It Is Gorgeous

Calling photographers, both professional and amateur, who demand more style than a run-of-the-mill webbing kind of camera strap. Cruick is a new brand based in U.K. and it has possibly the most desirable camera straps we have seen to date. For starter, it is not nylon, nor it is your typical webbing-style strap; it is […]

This Lens Will Turn Any DSLR Into One That Captures 360-Degree Video

When it comes to 360-degree videoing, you will have to ditch your beloved DSLR for something a lot more dedicated, but a startup called Sphere Optics Company is here to change that. With the company’s (sphere) 360-degree Lens, you can turn your trusty DSLR into one that captures breathtaking 360-degree video with 180-degree field of […]

Venus Optics Has The Weirdest Macro Lens That’s Smaller Than Your Pinky

It doesn’t take a photography enthusiast to know what a camera lens looks like, but this one lens from Venus Optics will surely leave even an enthusiast bewildered. Venus Optics has no doubt broke the lens design convention with Laowa 24mm f/14 Replay 2x Macro Lens. As you can see, this macro is no doubt […]

Yay! GoPro Has A 360 Camera But It Requires Six GoPro Cameras

At this age where 360-degree videoing has become something of a hype, you will be surprised that an action cam specialist like GoPro has yet to jump on the bandwagon. Well, as a matter of fact it has, just, but GoPro did not come up with a single unit like many makers had done, which […]