Bluelounge Sanctuary4

when you have one device too many, you probably need something to organize them as oppose to having them on the different wall outlets around your pad and the Bluelounge Sanctuary4 would be an ideal piece of accessory to bring them all together. so if you have a tablet and a couple of phones

Griffin MultiDock USB Charging Station

if not for the presence of orange hue on this MultiDock USB charging station, you might think it is an Apple product. leveraging on former Apple designer, Thomas Meyerhoffer’s expertise, Griffin sets out to completely rethink the MultiDock that was first introduced in 2011 and the result is this eye-pleasing, Apple-ish device that we could only described as a huge leap in industrial design standpoint.

Muji Bluetooth Speaker Charging Tray

we have crossed path with Muji-made speakers and we were impressed by their minimalism which often goes without advertisements and are largely understated. they are simple, easy to use and basically, pleasing to the eyes, which altogether makes them totally at home in both contemporary and rustic interior setups. that said, it is safe to assume that this Muji

iBattz SMART Wireless Charger

handset makers have yet to resolve the limited battery lifespan in today’s smartphones but still, that doesn’t stop consumers like us from fantasying about induction charging – a technology that would appeal to clutter-phobic folks and those who feel it is a chore to plug the device in. imagine the freedom of charging the phone simply by placing it on a mat. it is very appealing…

Griffin PowerDock 5 Charging Dock

by now, some of you may have amassed a number of Apple small devices such as the iPad, iPad mini, iPod touch, iPhone and the likes. perhaps, as an individual person you may not own it all but we are certain that with your household combined, the iDevices would have account for quite a portion of the gadgets in the house. instead heading straight for the super-clutter wall…

TDK Wireless Charging Speaker

so you need a speaker for your mobile devices? how about getting one that could juice up your mobile devices such as iPhone or iPod – wirelessly just by leaving them on top of it (the speaker)? sound great? then, the TDK Wireless Charging Speaker is just the speaker for you. equipped with Bluetooth v2.1 technology with AAC, the speaker’s primary function is…

Satechi Slim Surge Protector

when we plugged in to charge our devices, we hardly take power surge into consideration. in reality, electrical spikes and surges are common occurrences and they can do harm to your expensive gadgets or worst, resulting in fire that could more lost than monetary. the market is not lacking of power strip with surge protection to prevent such unfortunate events…