Oscar-winning Director Wants You To Take His Trusty Camper Out For An Adventure This Summer

Unless you are in retirement, a camper van would likely only see its use in summer. It is kind of a waste of money, if you really think about it. Plus, as an infrequent adventurer, you may or may not know how best a camper should be outfitted for an outdoor adventure and life on […]

Chevrolet Has Another Life-size LEGO Build, This Time its A Silverado

Life-size replica of cars in LEGO is becoming old. On our end alone, we have already come across quite a handful, including Nathan Sawaya’s Batmobile, a 2-ton Toyota Camry, and a LEGO Technic-based Bugatti Chiron. Though the latter did stood out as a life-size replica that is actually drivable, albeit very slowly, and not a […]

I Can’t Stop Thinking About Chevy’s Custom 1967 C-10 Pickup Truck

The sleek lines offered on today’s pickup truck are pretty. I am not going to deny it. However, there is this thing found in the pickup trucks from the 60-80s that have me faithfully loving them until today. I love how pickup trucks of those days looked. You know, the straight, flat look with the […]

Love Chevy? Then You Really Have To Check This Miniature 1970 Chevy Nova

We love automobile, big or small, drivable or not, and so, naturally, this custom miniature 1970 Chevrolet Nova fastback coupe had our attention. Hand built by one enthusiast, this miniature Nova was, at one point, put up on sale on Craigslist in 2016. A video of it was posted on YouTube channel, Urban Hillbilly Videos, […]

Look, Chevrolet Built A Life-size The LEGO Batman Movie’s Batmobile

During the North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) last month, American automaker surprised visitors with a unlikely ‘concept car’: a life-size LEGO Batmobile straight out of LEGO animated flick The LEGO Batman Movie. Created in collaboration with students from Detroit’s Cody Rouge community, A World in Motion and First LEGO League, this bricksomeful crimefighting vehicle, […]

Chevrolet Showoff 2017 Silverado HD’s Power With World Record Pull

If there’s anyway to convince potential truck buyers how bloody strong the 2017 Chevrolet Silverado HD truck is, it is to have a big-ass flag in tow and in the process, setting a new Guinness World Records for World’s Largest Flag Pulled by a Moving Vehicle. And that, my friend, was exactly what Chevy did. […]

GM’s Chevy Fuel-cell Off-roader For U.S. Army Looks Like A Show Truck

This is not a Hummer replacement. The U.S. military has already found that. This one here, the Chevrolet Colorado ZH2 Fuel Cell Vehicle, is the future of the battlefield. Apart of having the ability to go places – thanks to its lifted ride height and massive 37-inch tires – it is fuel cell powered, meaning […]

Callaway Cars Tuned Camaro Has Over 600HP, Claimed As The Most Powerful 2016 Camaro

It may not be a car that could transformed into a mute organic robot, but the 2016 Callaway Camaro SC600 is no less impressive. Outfitted with patented Callaway GenThree supercharger package and cooling system, the SC600 packs no less than 600 horsepower (and around 600 lb-ft of torque) to snag the title as the most […]

2016 Chevrolet Camaro Unveiled, is Leaner and Packs More Horses

The sixth-generation Camaro has finally been unveiled on Saturday and as we all know, it is kind of a big deal for Chevrolet because it is a Camaro. The new generation fastback muscle car is said to offer a more nimble driving experience, attributed by an all-new, lighter architecture and of course, a broader powertrain […]

Chevrolet Autonomous Concept Car is as Futuristic as any Car Can Get

It looks like Google autonomous concept car has some serious competitions, well, at least on the look department. Now, we do not profess ourselves as experts in self-driving cars, but we do know a beauty when a concept projects the image that matches the image of the future, stuck at the back of our mind […]