Chivote’s Iteration of the Classic Duffel Bag Oozes with Class and Style

Duffel bag can take in a lot of stuff and yet, it is not awkwardly huge and therefore, it not surprising that duffel is a bag of choice of many road warriors. However, duffel bags are often not quite as stylish and hardly can be described as ‘classy’. That’s not to say it should sacrifice […]

CamCarry: An Uber Stylish Leather Camera Bag That Won’t Break the Bank

If you agree that stock camera bags, if there’s even any, are too mainstream and lacks style, then we think it is high time for you to acquire something other than a padded black nylon bag. Something like the CamCarry Camera Bag by Chivote would be a good fit if style and practicality are what […]

Bracelet Charging Cable Lets You Wear It So You Won’t Forget to Bring Your Cable Again

most smartphone users would have a charging device or a portable battery along with them when they head out, you know, for obvious reasons. whether you have a USB power adapter or an external battery, you will need one thing: the cable and that’s where problems start to surface. stock cables are long and difficult […]

Chivote iPad Case & Stand: A Non-binding, Stylish Way To Keep And Use Your iPad

we have seen quite a lot iPad cases, but not a whole lot that’s crafted entirely out of leather that is also a stand like the iPad Leather Case & Stand by Chivote. the thing about most iPad cases is, they are usually ‘binding’, as in you need to clip the device into place to […]

The Chivote Boombox Bag

bag is one of those things that you can pick up at virtually any shopping malls, but therein lies the problem. at some point, we find ourselves amassing a huge collection of bags, each serving different purpose and for different occasions, which needless to say, is a needless spending and also clutters our home.