Saleen Rolls Out 320 Black Label, the Most Refine and Powerful Mustang Yet. Priced at $73,214 and Up

So you think even the Shelby-touched Mustang is a little too tame for your taste? Well, fret not, you power-hungry, speed demons, cos’ there is always Saleen look to if power and speed are on top of your priority list for an all-American muscle car and in this instance, there is the 2015 Saleen 302 […]

Nissan Introduces 370Z NISMO Roadster Concept and Front-wheel-drive GT-R LM NISMO Racer

Lately, Nissan has NISMO-fied a number of models in its lineup. We have seen NISMO treatment on more performance-orientated vehicle like the GT-R and hardtop 370Z, and ‘softer’ rides like Juke, Sentra and even the Pulsar. So it is not surprising that the Japanese automaker is also toying with the idea of NISMO-fying the droptop […]

Jaguar F-Type To Get Six-speed Manual Transmission and All-Wheel Drive, Just Not Both Together

Before you Jag fans get all too excited. The manual transmission and all-wheel drive on the new F-Type will be mutually exclusive. Meaning it is either or, and not both. Kind of a let down, but if you have pockets deeper than the Mariana Trench, you can consider scoring both the F-Type R or the […]

Aston Martin 60th Anniversary Vanquish Has Rotary Dials Fashioned Out Of Real Engine Pistons

We have seen our share of anniversary cars, but the Aston Martin Works 60th Anniversary Limited Edition Vanquish is different. It is one of the rare cars, if not the only one, that bears a physical piece of the past. While there are the usual exquisite details in the area of trim, paint color and […]

BMW 6 Series Gets Mid-cycle Facelift. Erhmm. What Facelift?

So it is time again. The time where certain model in the BMW stable gets the obligatory facelift and that ‘certain model’ today is the 6 series. We have spent all day trying to decipher the difference, but we must say it is not an easy task. Oh well, they’re still ‘new’ rides, ain’t they? […]

First Ferrari Sergio Lands in UAE, Looks Pretty Ostentatious

The Ferrari Sergio is not for everyone. Firstly, it is not a mass produced luxury sports car and secondly, the design kind of detracts from Prancing Horse’s norm. If you think its ugly, then be thankful that there are, or should say, were only six made, all of which have been spoken for. The first […]

Bentley Goes Topless in LA with Grand Convertible, Looks Like a Luxury Yacht on Wheels

Oddly beautiful is the way we would described the recently announced Bentley Grand Convertible. Why? It has a front-end that looks largely like a chauffeured luxury ride, but beyond that, it is a sporty two-door drop top. Pardon us for our bluntness, but we have always associate two-door cars, outside of trucks and vans, with […]

Lexus LF-C2 Concept Breaks Auto Design’s Tradition by Having a Roadster that Sits Four

Lexus, arguably the most successful Japanese luxury marque to date, pulls the wrap off a topless beauty in this year’s Los Angeles Auto Show, which the automaker described as a 2+2 roadster. What??? A four-seater roadster? Well, apparently that’s what Lexus is proposing with the LF-C2 Concept Roadster, which kind of help to mess up […]

Porsche Introduces 2015 911 Carrera GTS, Includes Four Models Price Starting at $114,200

sports car enthusiasts with a penchant for Porsche’s fast cars that are a little less family orientated, rejoice because the next GTS is here, well, almost and it is not just any GTS, it is the 911 Carrera GTS that we are talking about. slated to hit the showrooms in the U.S. this November, there […]

This is Ferrari 458 Speciale A, the Most Powerful Ferrari Spider Yet and Only 499 Will Be Made

Ferrari, like Porsche, is not quite out-of-reach for the elite capitalists, but if you wish to stand out from your elite peers, or just to look good the next time you happen to appear in Upscale Living magazine, then the Italian luxury sports car maker Ferrari has just the ride for you and that limited […]