These Inflatable Dino Costumes Are Official Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom Merchandises. Believe It

When it comes to movie merchandises, action figures, tees, posters et cetera are the norm, but costumes? Not so much. Official costumes do exist, but they are mostly costumes that make the wearer looks, you know, like the character in the movies who are mostly humans. However, these latest costumes relating to Jurassic World: Fallen […]

Witness The Birth Of A Darling Velociraptor As The Candle Melts

We thought you guys might be bored with all the tech and art stuff at some point, so we roped in a little prehistoric help in case you are looking for the one gift to impress. This is the Hatching Dinosaur Candle, a Firebox exclusive, and it is pretty much what it says it is: […]

Dinosaur-age, Snake-like Shark With 300 Teeth Is Stuff Of Nightmares

So, you think dinosaurs have been long dead? Well, think again. Among the recent haul by some deep sea fishermen in Portugal, there in lies a strange deep sea creature. It was stuff of nightmare and also a reminder to us that there are much to learn about this little blue marble we live on. […]

Finally, Indominus Rex From Jurassic World Can Be Yours To Control

Yes. Yes. I know. The Jurassic World hype is over, but that does not mean we can’t talk about the over-the-top, genetically-engineered, fictional star dinosaur, Indominus Rex, especially when there’s a robotic version which money can buy. Meet the Zoomer Dino Jurassic World Indominus Rex Robot, a remote control toy robot that allows you to […]

Amber Uncovered In Myanmar Proves That Dinosaurs Indeed Had Feathers

The notion that some dinosaurs may be in fact feathered, or at least partially feathered, was a revelation in the world of palaeontology. So, sorry to disappoint, folks, Jurassic Park and more recently, Jurassic World, ain’t showing the real picture of what dinosaurs might have looked like. In other words, not all dinosaurs were leathery […]

Beasts of the Mesozoic: Finally, Dinosaur Figures That Are Poseable

As you may have heard, some dinosaurs were not what we thought they’d looked like millions of years ago. As it turns out, some of them, like the raptor family of dinos were in fact feathered or partially feathered. Despite this revelation, dinosaurs, especially in movies and toys are not being portrayed accurately but one […]

the 20-foot animatronic Triceratops up for grab for just $350k

generally, there are two types of super rich. one that splurge on things that obviously look expensive, and the those that spend on less-than-ordinary things which happens to be not cheap either. if you belong to the latter group, then how about grabbing a 20 Foot Animatronic Triceratops…