There are many memorable scenes from the original Jurassic Park movie. Scenes like, you know, the velociraptors in the kitchen, and the one in which the lawyer (played by Martin Ferrero) got eaten by the tyrannosaurus when hiding in the toilet. And then there’s that one scene in which the T-rex broke out of the paddock.

Why are we talking about this? Well, because, that iconic scene is now immortalized as a LEGO set. I know right? I am just as excited as you are. This scene has been represented a few times, including as a Transformers set, but making it as a LEGO set is a dream come true for many fans.

Packing 1212 pieces, the LEGO 76956 T. rex Breakout, as it is called, lets adult collectors build a display-worthy model of the epic scene. Words cannot describe my excitement for this set.

The set includes a posable T. rex figure stomping on a flipped, crushed Ford Explorer Tour Vehicle (EXP 04) which the kids, Tim and Lex, along with the lawyer, Donald Gennaro, were in.

LEGO 76956 T. rex Breakout Set

This LEGO diorama also boasts a second Ford Explorer (EXP 05) and a smashed ‘electric’ fence adorned with some plant elements. The set is complete with a nameplate with Jurassic Park branding and a quote of Dr. Ian Malcolm, and Minifigure of Alan Grant, Ian Malcolm, Tim Murphy, and Lex Murphy. Unfortunately, Gennaro and the equally memorable ill-fated restroom aren’t included.

This set is without doubt a darling for many fans. When completed the model stretches over 58 cm wide and measures 22 cm deep and 15 cm tall (23 x 8.5 x 6 inches).

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The LEGO 76956 T. rex Breakout Set will arrive on April 17 for US$99.99.

LEGO 76956 T. rex Breakout Set

In related news, there are two new LEGO sets based on the new Jurassic World Dominion movie too, if anyone’s interested. The sets are the LEGO 76951 Pyroraptor & Dilophosaurus Transport (US$39.99) and the LEGO 76950 Triceratops Pickup Truck Ambush (US$39.99).

Both sets will be available on April 17 and they are available to order now from

All images courtesy of LEGO Group.

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