The ability to convert a classic Mini into an EV is a nice touch but let us be honest, the classic Mini is not exactly the roomiest. This is where the all-electric MINI Cooper SE comes in. But not just any old MINI Cooper SE, the MINI Cooper SE the Resolute Edition.

MINI Cooper SE EV in the Resolute Edition

The MINI Cooper SE the Resolute Edition is based on the MINI 3 door and features an exclusive exterior design that offers the classic Mini vibes. The Resolute Edition MINI EV is finished in Rebel Green – a color previously reserved for the very sporty John Works models – and a contrasting Pepper White finish for the roof and exterior mirror caps.

Resolute Bronze can be found in areas where they are supposed to be chrome. Under the hood, it is driven forth by a 184 HP electric motor and paired to a battery system that affords a range of up to 234 kilometers. So, it basically is the SE with classy cosmetics that extends into the cabin.

MINI Cooper SE EV in the Resolute Edition

The MINI Cooper SE in the Resolute Edition will arrive at the MINI dealers in March. Meanwhile, if anyone’s interested, you may learn more HERE or contact your local dealer for more information.

MINI Cooper SE EV in the Resolute Edition

Images: BMW Group.

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