Griffin MultiDock USB Charging Station

if not for the presence of orange hue on this MultiDock USB charging station, you might think it is an Apple product. leveraging on former Apple designer, Thomas Meyerhoffer’s expertise, Griffin sets out to completely rethink the MultiDock that was first introduced in 2011 and the result is this eye-pleasing, Apple-ish device that we could only described as a huge leap in industrial design standpoint.

Bluelounge Kii Sync Cable and Saidoka Dock

the quest to reduce our desktop clutter never cease and thanks to company like Bluelounge, iPhone 5 users will have an edge over other device users when it comes to cleaning up the clutter. meet the Bluelounge Kii Sync Cable and Saidoka Dock, the two accessories that will help you to improve your desk tidiness regardless whether you are a laptop or desktop user.

Venus of Cupertino iPad Docking Station

if your love for arts is as strong as your love for technology, then we thought the Venus of Cupertino iPad Docking Station might be of an interest to you. instead of the usual docking station, the Venus of Cupertino offers you a lady of of curvaceous form (read: plus size) that will dutifully hold on to any second, third, or fourth generation iPad.

iDockAll iPhone Dock by Wiplabs

to be honest, we think The OC Dock is the best iPhone Dock money can buy ever, but the practical side of us begs the question: what if we want to charge and sync older iPhone and iPod, or even an iPad? rather than exploring ways around it, you might just want to go with the iDockAll iPhone Dock by Wiplabs. though the objective

Bluelounge MiniDock for iPhone 5

looking to cut the clutter in your gadget-laden life? well, you can start by getting rid of your iPhone 5 charging/syncing cable with this nifty little accessory called MiniDock for iPhone 5. if the ‘MiniDock’ sounds a somewhat familiar to you, you’d be right: it was introduced a couple of years ago for the iPhone 4 and now, it is being redesigned

The OCDock – iPhone Dock for iMac and Apple Displays

if you are an obsessively tidy person and an Apple (products) user, then our bet is, you haven’t own an iPhone dock because there isn’t any that could make your desktop any less clutter. but that would have changed if you had met The OCDock earlier. The OCDock was an overwhelmingly funded project on Kickstarter

Griffin PowerDock 5 Charging Dock

by now, some of you may have amassed a number of Apple small devices such as the iPad, iPad mini, iPod touch, iPhone and the likes. perhaps, as an individual person you may not own it all but we are certain that with your household combined, the iDevices would have account for quite a portion of the gadgets in the house. instead heading straight for the super-clutter wall…

LandingZone – Docking Station for MacBook Air

if you happen to be using a MacBook Air and has just made a New Year’s resolution to reduce your desktop clutter, then there is good news for you and the this good news comes in the form of the LandingZone by infiniWing. now, the name doesn’t exactly tells it all but the LandingZone is actually a handsome…

ClamCase ClamBook

if you use your smartphone like your life depends on it, then it would probably come to a time where you will feel frustrated squinting at the tiny screen. sure, we have huge smartphones around but those can never be as comfortable as a full size laptop screen. we have…