Meet Motiv Ring, A Fitness Tracker That Slips Right Into Your Finger

Before the emergence of smartwatches, wrist-worn fitness trackers was a brilliant idea. And then when smartwatches came along, it kind of make fitness tracker not so relevant. However, smartwatch or not is really non-consequential if you don’t like to have a thing strapped around your wrist, let alone wearing two wrist-worn gadgets. This is where […]

Huawei Watch 2 Has 4G Support That Lets You Use The Watch As A Phone

Major tech trade show is heaven on earth for tech enthusiasts, but it can be a pretty brutal event for manufacturers. Why? If a brand launches something new, it’d make sure the company are all geared up in the marketing aspect, or else it risks being drown out by a whole other drool-worthy tech. Speaking […]

Heart Monitoring Sportswear Aims To Prevent Cardiac-related Deaths

Imagine a future where the apparels you wear is able to provide you with your body metrics. Perhaps, even measuring blood sugar level and such. The Sensoria Artificial Intelligence Sportswear you see here is not that kind of future tech but it is pretty close with as far as active lifestyle is concerned. Billed as […]

Samsung Introduces GPS Sports Band And True-wireless Earbuds

Samsung wishes to accompany you beyond the boardroom and into the gym or onto the track. The South Korean electronics company has introduced two new gadgets to reinforce its presence in the fitness wearable market. The first is a fitness band, Gear Fit2 and the other, a wireless earbuds, Gear IconX, geared towards active lifestyle […]

Fossil Adds Smartwatch and Fitness Trackers to its Catalog, Won’t Be Fossilized After All

With the proliferation of wearable tech, in particular, smartwatches, it is hard for conventional watch makers not to follow suit – unless they are prepared to face the risk of being fossilized, so to speak. Speaking of fossil, fashionable watch maker Fossil won’t be a fossil after all; the Texas-based clothing and accessories maker has […]

The World’s First Clinically Validated, Multisport Biometric Headphones Brings Future to Present

You know how science fiction flicks sometime shows tiny devices that can do everything like keeping your health in check, track your activity, and even receive calls? Well, looks that sci-fi thing is already a reality with Kuai Multisport Biometric Headphones. While it may not be nano size, Kuai is as close as you can […]

Recon Jet Puts Fitness Tracker Capabilities into Eyewear, Presents the Stats Right Before Your Eyes

Most fitness trackers are wrist-worn with your progress only viewable after you are done with the routines via a dedicated app on your smartphone. That’s the norm up till now, until Recon Instruments’ Jet comes along. Recon Instruments, if you don’t already know, is kind of the pioneer in the smart eyewear arena, possibly way […]

Look. Garmin Packed a Handheld GPS Device into a Wrist Watch

Getting around the great outdoor was never easy. Inexperience adventurers often lost and some even fatal, but thanks to advanced technology, you don’t need to suffer the same fate as some of your adventure seeking forebears. And the best part is, you won’t be bog down by additional load because with the Garmin Epix GPS […]

Uno Noteband: Not a Smartwatch. It Just Want You to Look at Your Smartphone Less.

Smartwatch is suppose to convenient you so that you don’t have to pull out your smartphone from your pocket or purse every single time there is a notification, which is cool, but that’s until we stumbled upon the Uno Noteband. Instead of several clicks or touches to get to your notification, Uno Noteband cuts it […]

Microsoft Joins The Wrist-Worn Wearable Party with Cross-platform Fitness Tracker

We didn’t cover it, but there have been talks about it and now the first wearable tech from Redmond-based tech firm Microsoft finally goes official. Simply dubbed Microsoft Band, this piece of wrist-worn hardware brings with it a powerful feature not common among fitness trackers and that’s cross-platform capability, supporting major OSes like Android, iOS […]