You Would Never Have Guessed Reebok Also Made Space Boot For Astronauts

Who would have thought sport gear maker Reebok would ever produce footwear for astronauts? Certainly not us. The Reebok Floatride Space Boot SB-01 you see here is the footwear in question and it was developed in collaboration with David Clark Company’s aerospace branch. This pair of boots is literally a space-age footwear. Most impressively, though, […]

Cowboy Boot With Roller Skates: Blasphemy Or Changing Times?

We are not sure if cowboy boot with roller skates will go down well with true-blue herdsmen, but heed our words: it is a thing. Seriously, I can’t even. What really is going here? To be honest, I am not quite sure, but if you like, you can buy a pair, or as many as […]

Nakefit Lets You Walk Barefooted Without The Risk Of Cutting Your Feet

While you can’t get naked everywhere, your feet actually can. No, wait. Actually you can’t, not because the society frowns upon it, but your feet will likely suffer from cuts, unpleasant painful sensation if you stepped on pointy debris, and that’s not to mention potential bacteria waiting to jump on any open wound on your […]

These Socks Will Make Your Feet Look Like Paws And Yes, They Are Weird

Human’s feet are pretty awesome and they are what they are today because we are extremely apt bipedal creatures, but if, for some reasons, you fancy having furry animals’ feet, well then, Sublimated Paw Crew Socks are what you need. Why? I don’t know. Maybe, it will satisfy your secret desire to have animal feet […]

Chewie’s Feet-lookalike Slippers Makes Iconic Chewie Roars As You Walk

Are you annoyed by those kids’ shoes that squeak when they walk? Well, don’t – especially if you are a huge Star Wars fan because the chance for your footwear to do the same has come and it is called Wookiees For Your Tootsies slippers. Ok. Still haven’t get it? Well, Wookiees For Your Tootsies […]

These Stealth Socks Promised To Get Rid Of Smelly Feet With Style

Spies in movies ignore one important factor: smell, which means, in real life, a pair of smelly feet could attract unnecessary attentions and worst, blow your cover now that all eyes are on you. The culprit of this stench is the three glasses worth of shaken martini a person’s feet could produce in a day. […]

FYF Minimalist Footwear Lets You Run Barefoot without Cutting Your Feet

Good news, barefoot running enthusiasts. Switzerland-based firm, aptly called Swiss Barefoot Company, has a pair of footwear, ermmm, more like socks, actually, that will let you brave the natural ground in almost barefoot without the fear sharp objects and extreme cold. The product in question is FYF Minimalist Footwear (pronounced as ‘five’), which the company […]

These Japanese Wrapping Cloth-inspired Shoes are Worn by Wrapping Around Your Feet

Shoe sizing is a complicated business. Traditionally, sizing is based the length and to some extend, width, which seems to work fine so far, but what shoe size did not and will not take into consideration is the shape of the foot above the sole. With the Furoshiki Shoes, however, it will be a definite […]

Danner x Ball and Buck Light Boots

for those who appreciate what some elements of camouflage pattern can do to your kicks, you might want to check out the Danner x Ball and Buck Boots – especially if kicking around in boots is right up your alley. based on the iconic Danner Light, this special collaboration sees this pair of rugged boots receiving a wax and oil saturated pull up leather construction