FYF Minimalist Footwear Lets You Run Barefoot without Cutting Your Feet

Good news, barefoot running enthusiasts. Switzerland-based firm, aptly called Swiss Barefoot Company, has a pair of footwear, ermmm, more like socks, actually, that will let you brave the natural ground in almost barefoot without the fear sharp objects and extreme cold. The product in question is FYF Minimalist Footwear (pronounced as ‘five’), which the company […]

These Japanese Wrapping Cloth-inspired Shoes are Worn by Wrapping Around Your Feet

Shoe sizing is a complicated business. Traditionally, sizing is based the length and to some extend, width, which seems to work fine so far, but what shoe size did not and will not take into consideration is the shape of the foot above the sole. With the Furoshiki Shoes, however, it will be a definite […]

Danner x Ball and Buck Light Boots

for those who appreciate what some elements of camouflage pattern can do to your kicks, you might want to check out the Danner x Ball and Buck Boots – especially if kicking around in boots is right up your alley. based on the iconic Danner Light, this special collaboration sees this pair of rugged boots receiving a wax and oil saturated pull up leather construction

Bombas Socks – An Engineered Socks

socks. an item that we hardly give a damn about, but the guys behind the Bombas Socks are so serious about this seemingly minute everyday wear that we think they deserves to be called socks engineers. beyond its colorful and attractive styling lies a series of “sock engineering” that you will never look at another pair of socks the same again.

SlotFlops – Flip Flops with Secret Compartments

hitting the pool and don’t know where to safely stash your cash, cards or keys? we say, stuff ’em in a pair of flip flops (aka slippers) like the SlotFlops. not surprisingly, SlotFlops is from the same folks who brought to you ArchPort YogiStash which we featured here exactly two years ago.

New Balance Revlite 574 Sneakers

how many times have you look at your well worn pair of classic kicks and wished they’d give it a modern day take? well, that’s what you had in mind, then do not miss the New Balance Revlite 574 Sneakers – a pair of sport shoes that still bears the familiar classic retro-style look that any New Balance fan remembers, but injected with modern sneaker technology

KUSA Synthetic Grass Flip Flops

according to some health fanatics, walking barefooted on grass is actually good for your health. while we love to give barefooted walking a go, we are not exactly fond of the pebbles and stones that are poised to ambush our delicate feet (not to mention those nasty dog poops serve up by your neighbors’ best friend). so, the KUSA Synthetic Grass Flip Flops present an attractive…

ThermaCELL Rechargeable Heated Insole

having cold feet? and we mean literally. then you will need this pair of handy Rechargeable Heated Insole from ThermaCELL. this pair of feet saver for the cold uses high tech wireless thermal technology with no wires, extension cords, or whatever that would bog you down in your daily outdoor activities. the Heated Insole offers three temperature settings to warm your…