G-SHOCK Metal Twisted MT-G Watches

we bet you didn’t think a G-SHOCK watch would go with your tuxe event. actually, you are right – that’s until the arrival of the G-SHOCK Metal Twisted MT-G Watches. now, don’t let the CASIO and G-SHOCK brands scare you away; the Japanese electronics maker has proudly claimed that the Metal Twisted MT-G collection is “their most sophisticated

G-SHOCK GW-9400 Rangeman Watch

if you have a penchant for all-thing military, then you probably would be as impressed by the G-SHOCK GW-9400 Rangeman Watch as we do. drawing inspirations from the heroes at the front lines and built for use in the most demanding conditions (when it comes to G-SHOCK, we have no doubt about this quality), the Rangeman is packed with drool-worthy features

Casio Bluetooth G-SHOCK Watch

at the first glance, the Casio Bluetooth G-SHOCK Watch (GB6900AA) looks like yet another rugged digital time piece from the Japanese digital watch giant but its model name says otherwise and yes, it is Bluetooth-enabled (v4.0, no less). Casio has incorporated today’s favorite wireless technology into the GB6900AA, allowing it to work with your iPhone 4S/5…