Not sure why this isn’t happening in stateside and Japan where Avengers is huge, but here it is, the official CASIO G-Shock Avengers Collection is happening in China. This Marvel x CASIO collaboration sees three custom Avengers-themed G-Shock timepieces, each inspired by (arguably) the most iconic superhero, namely, Captain America, Iron Man, and Spider-Man.

CASIO G-Shock Avengers Collection

Cap and Iron Man are GA-110 model in their respective colors, while Spidey being the youngest is based on the DW-5600 model. Each watch not only bears the colors synonymous to the character, but also printed details on the straps, as well as a character logo engraved on the case back. Each watch is consummated with a custom packaging that itself makes it a highly collectible item.

CASIO G-Shock Avengers Collection

Obviously, each watch shares the same features as the original model it is based on. So, don’t let your fantasy gets better of you. Your Iron Man G-Shock isn’t going to call up the nano suit, nor will Spider-Man’s watch spits out webbing. As said, it appears to be available in China only at this moment. You can find the trio being peddled on C’s Club,, as well as

CASIO G-Shock Avengers Collection can also be found at G-Shock Store Shanghai and G-Shock Store Beijing. As for the pricing, Cap and Iron Man models retail for 1,590 yuan (about US$230) while Spidey model sells for 1,190 yuan (approximately US$172).

CASIO G-Shock Avengers Collection

Images: G-Shock China [CN].

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