This Custom Toaster PC Is Not Toast, It Is Freaking Cool!

Toast is tasty, but in modern slang, ‘toast’ also means something being destroyed, like an electronic equipment got fried. Well, that’s what we know, but this custom PC is anything but toast. What you see here is a Toaster PC, created by one imgur user xXNokkenXx, that is literally a toaster. Though it does not […]

With Star Trek BORG Cube PC, Your Assimilation With PC Will Be Complete

Fans of Star Trek will be familiar with the recurring antagonist, an alien group known as Borg. The Borg you see here is not as sinister as the alien beings who forcefully make their captives assimilate. In fact, I think it is the opposite. However, if using a computer for work and entertainment, including gaming, […]

This Maingear 1ofONE Build Has Fizzling Cooling Fluid That Looks Like Coca-Cola Flowing Through It

Do you know that soft drink giant Coca-Cola is involved in eSports? Yeah. They are and TBH, I have no idea at all. But now I do because of this awesome Maingear x Coke eSports 1ofONE Coca-Cola Gaming PC. Yup. It is a Coke-branded PC, alright, but do not mistaken it as just a regular […]

CyberPowerPC P400 Joins The List Of “Designed By Razer” PC Cases

Razer may not be on the desktop gaming rig bandwagon, yet, but for fans, there is always the official Razer-themed build-to-order desktop PCs to turn to. Speaking of which, CyberPowerPC P400 Designed by Razer desktop computer is the latest to join the growing line of “Designed by Razer” PC cases. Based on CyberPowerPC’s P400 ATX […]

Lenovo’s Razer Edition Is The Closest Thing You’ll Get To A Razer Desktop

Ever wonder how will a Razer desktop look like? Well, then look no further than the Lenovo Y900 Razer Edition Gaming Desktop PC. Granted, the Lenovo Y900 Razer Edition is not exactly a Razer’s own desktop gaming rig, but rest assure that you will have all your Razer-oriented gaming needs in one uber sleek desktop […]

MSI Vortex G65: Powerful Gaming PC With Seriously Tiny Footprint

Thanks to the MSI Vortex G65 Mini-tower Gaming PC, your days with clunky tower that takes up a chunk of your table top is over. At a size measuring 7.61 x 7.01 x 10.55 inches, this 8.8 lbs gaming rig is no bigger than a subwoofer and best part is, it ain’t a box like […]

Valve Unveiled a Slew of Steam Machines with Pricing, Introduced Steam Link for Game Streaming

Last week was considered a pretty exciting week for the gaming community, even more so if you are huge fan of Steam gaming. Valve, the driving force behind Steam games, have unveiled a slew of Steam Machines from various vendors, plus a nifty gadget called Steam Link which will allow you to stream all your […]

Maingear Outs Console-size Steam Machine, Touts 4K Gaming Experience

Have a big-ass 4K TV? Then you would probably want to play your favorite PC or Steam games on it as opposed to game console or even a regular PC. Lucky for you, the days of black, towering chassis has gone, so you can actually don’t feel ashamed of putting a PC in your living […]

MSI All-in-One Gaming PC Gets NVIDIA GeForce GTX 900M Graphic Cards

gone were the days where huge, space-eating gaming rig is a must for serious gaming. thanks to the enhancement in graphics technology, now All-in-One is as capable as any full size rigs and the latest to join the graphic race with minimal footprint is MSI’s 27-inch All-in-One gaming PC, now equipped with NVIDIA GeForce GTX […]

Super Thin G-Pack Gaming Rig Blurs the Line Between Console and Gaming PC

you know why we chose console over PC? aesthetic and form factor with the best possible graphics, and most importantly, we don’t need to mess with tons of cables. however, console is anything but a purist thing. true gamers will likely to stick to PC. while we can look past the constant need for upgrading […]