Garmin Tactix GPS Navigator Watch

global GPS device company Garmin has been pretty busy lately, turning out a number of wearable GPS devices that will have activities like running, hiking, and golfing covered, and now it also has special force agents and wannabes covered with the new Garmin Tactix GPS Navigator Watch.

Garmin Approach S4 GPS Golf Watch

pulling out your phone to check on calls, emails or any form of notifications that your smartphone might serves up is outright anti-ethic as far as golf is concerned. but if really have to do that, then this little guy here, the Garmin Approach S4 GPS Golf Watch, might be of an assistance.

Garmin VIRB Action Cameras

action cameras are a dime a dozen, which begs the question: do we need another? perhaps we do, if we have one that has all the qualities of a good action camera and also does more than just capturing footages. such is what the GPS maker Garmin is proposing with the Garmin VIRB Action Cameras. two models are being offered here; the VIRB and the VIRB Elite.

Garmin Portable Head-up Display

as good as any of today’s in-car navigation system is, you will still need to take your eyes off the road. even with our favorite voice directions from your friendly Lord Vader, we still need the visual assurance that we are going the right way. with the Garmin Portable Head-up Display (HUD), it will make your in-car navigation a little less of a dangerous affair by projecting the much needed information such as

Garmin Fenix

wearing a diving watch doesn’t necessary makes you a diver and so, if a beautiful outdoor GPS watch like the Garmin Fēnix comes by, it is perfectly fine for you to wear it even if you are not a huge fan of the wilderness and it won’t hurt to have the functions which may come in handy in due time. that aside, the Fēnix is developed for…