X Ray Guns Prints [Poster]

well, the X Ray Guns Prints are not actually firearms that had undergone X-Ray, but are guns that were put through special CT scan process as perfected by Houston Hardin, a doctor (a real medical doctor, btw) who simply loves firearms. it all started when he had a gun component shipped to his office.

Chiappa Triple Barrel Shotgun

we don’t how is it that three barrels is going help, but i guess an additional one shot is better then nothing when you are face with an imminent danger, or for those who are into the a game of hunting, at least you know you will need to load half a less time than a traditional double barrel item. such is what the Chiappa Triple Barrel Shotgun has to offer.

SAR12 Paintball Sniper Rifle

there are three types of paintball players: the run-through type who love the idea of mad dash risk; the disciplined type who prefer timed and strategized moves; and the patience type, who prefers to hide behind cover and pick off the opponents silently (well, almost). if you belongs to the latter, you would also understand what you need: a good spot,

1963 James Bond’s Walther Gun

some says that Sean Connery’s portrayal of the silver screen MI6 agent is the most memorable one and if you believe so and also happens to be a no-nonsense Bond fan, then you probably want to check out this 1963 James Bond’s Walther Gun that’s put under the hammer by Sotheby’s. this is the exact piece that were used by Sean Connery for the publicity shots for four James…

Henry U.S. Survival AR-7 Rifle

whether you are an avid hunter or just a doomsday prepper, you will need a weapon that is accurate and portable in order for you do your best in your game or just to survive another day while not making yourself look too much like Rambo. you will need a firearm that can stand up to the rigor…