Will This Awesome Boba Fett-Inspired Tactical Armor Ever Be Made?

What you see here is not an Earthly iteration of the galaxy’s most notorious bounty hunter Boba Fett cosplay getup. Dubbed the GalacTac Project, this made-for-airsoft battle ‘armor’ suit is designed Ryan B. Flowers for AR5000 Armor with involvement by several other “industry leaders,” including Heckler & Koch, TEA Headsets, Sog Knives & Tools, Armasight, […]

BMW Brings Concept Motorcycle With Laser Light And HUD Helmet To CES

BMW Motorcycles is taking its two new safety concepts to CES this year. The first is laser light, adapted for motorcycles and a helmet with a head-up display. The former found its way into the BMW K 1600 GTL concept motorcycle and is a derivation of the design from the automotive division. While laser light […]

Vozz Helmets’ RS 1.0 Splits Open To Fit Your Head, Says Goodbye To Chinstrap

Motorcycle helmets have for decades, saved lives from ending in a snap and while designed have changed over the years to provide even more protection, how it is worn remains the same. Donning a motorcycle helmet is the same pull on-pull off method and sometimes, a chinstrap to secure in place. And probably it is […]

Livall’s Smart Bike Helmet Has Tons of LEDs, Plays Music and Take Calls Too

Leveraging on the technology available today, Chinese company Livall, has created a bicycle helmet that can be truly call high-tech. Dubbed Bling, this smart helmet goes beyond protecting the cyclist’s head in an event of a crash; it also serves to increase the road presence of the cyclist with the use of no less than […]

Designer Jyo John Mulloor Reimagined Helmets as Bare Human Heads, Yikes Factor Included

These helmets are real heads, but don’t be alarm just yet, cos’ they are not real product. Rather, they are products of the very talented, Dubai-based designer Jyo John Mulloor’s imagination. The helmets, as you can see, are essentially exposed human head and they collectively, belongs to an art form known as trompe-l’œil or “deceive […]

Torch T2 Bike Helmet Continues to Keep Cyclists Safe with Lights

Adding lights to your bike keeps you safe in low light conditions, but I am sure we all know the risk that comes with it and that’s coming back to a parked bike with those lights missing. Nearly three years ago, Torch Apparel eliminated that pesky issue by putting LED lights on the helmet itself […]

With the Striker II Helmet-Mounted Display, Even Darkness Won’t Be Able to Cloak Your Presence

technology can help us, but it can also be a threat, depending on which side you are on. hold on right there. we are not talking about the fabled Skynet, though we love to make references to it; we are talking about the Striker II Helmet-Mounted Display (HMD) which British defence, security and aerospace company […]

This Is Philippe Starck’s Take On A Bike Helmet and It Looks Like An Anti-Riot Squad Helmet

no matter how groundbreaking it is, a bicycle helmet still looks pretty mundane. however, if you approach a multi-disciplinary designer to pen one, things might turn out very differently and in the case of Philippe Starck, it turns to be rather out-of-this-world. as opposed to the usual ‘streaking’ teardrop shape which typically has the ‘pointy’ […]

SKULLY AR-1 Motorcycle Helmet With Heads-up Display, Rear-facing Camera Now Available For Pre-order

the greatest danger while on the road is distraction – even more so for motorcyclists where things are a little less forgiving. with the motorbikes, the rule is to keep your eyes glued to the road. but how are you going to achieve that when you have to check on blind spots and side mirrors […]

Variant Ghost Carbon Looks Like A Helmet Pulled From The Pages Of Halo

keeping your head intact with a helmet during riding is a no brainer. you don’t need laws to ask you to do so. don’t believe? just play GTA 5 to get a feel of the consequence of not wearing a helmet. and since it is one of those ‘necessary evil’, why not look good while […]