Fancy Staying In The Galaxy Far, Far Away? Well, Soon Will Be Able To!

Not only does Disney wants fans of Marvel to totally immerse in the superhero world even when they aren’t at the company’s parks, but it also wants Star Wars fans to do the same. Yup. That’s right. There’s going to be a Star Wars-inspired hotel coming your way too. So, brace yourselves Star Wars fanatics. […]

Take A Look At Henn-na Hotel Incredibly Surreal Robotic Fishes

Remember the high-tech hotel in Japan that’s staffed mostly by dinosaur robots? Well, the robotic theme did not stop at robotic employees or keyless entry with face recognition… even the ornamental fishes that serve to spruce up the ambience in the lobby, near the entrance, are robotic as well and they are eerily as surreal […]

Disneyland Paris To Get Marvel-Themed Disney’s New York Hotel

Disney’s biggest cash cow is probably not the surprise hit Frozen, or any other of its animated flicks. If anything, it would be Marvel and Star Wars, which now proves to be the two most worthy acquisitions the entertainment company has ever made. And I am not going to lie: we never loved Disney this […]

Second Robot-Staffed Hotel Opens In Tokyo Bay, Dinos Come Standard

In another example of jobs threatened by technological advancement… a hotel in Tokyo, Japan, called Henn-na Hotel, has employed more robots than actual humans to run the entire operation. But instead of brooding over this grim prospect, we are rather intrigued by Henn-na Hotel because, the robot stationed at the front desk is not just […]

Believe It Or Not, This Double Bed On The Mountain Is A Hotel Room

When we talk about minimalistic hotel, you can’t get any more minimal than Null Stern Hotel, which literally translates to zero star hotel. And when we say ‘you can’t get any more minimal’, we do mean you can’t, well, not unless you can beat a room that has no walls and only has a double […]

pentahotels Introduces Gamer Hotel Rooms With Playstation 4 Console

It looks like gaming is a phenomena that no businesses can ignore, even for those seemingly unrelated businesses. How else do you explain why there are hotels that are ‘gamer-centric’. Earlier this year, we wrote about the world’s first gamer-centric hotel, The Arcade Hotel in Amsterdam and now, as it appears, another hotel, or rather […]

Airbnb Shark Aquarium Stay Literally Lets You Sleep With The Fishes

When Airbnb started, it was an opportunity for cheap accommodation and staying experience typical hotels can’t offer. Since travelers are staying in real people’s homes, they can assimilate into the community where the homes are located. At least, that was the theory. Actual experience may varies. Anyways, that was then. Things have took quite a […]

Airbnb Pulls Brooklyn Dude’s $200 A Night ‘Boutique Igloo’ Listing

Talked about making the best out of bad situations. One New Yorker by the name of Patrick Horton did just that when Winter Storm Jonas swept through New York City. Instead clearing the unusual amount of snow, he and his friends got to work and made an igloo out of it. Calling it a Boutique […]

Amsterdam Is Where You Can Find The World’s First Gamer-centric Hotel

When we travel, we travel. Meaning, we don’t coop ourselves up in the hotel room. We explore the city where we are at. There’s no reason for anyone to lock themselves in a room, really. However, if you are a die-hard gamer looking to get out of your parent’s basement and game on in a […]

This Alien Object-Like Floating Hotel Wants To Sail The World, Slowly

The concept of floating hotel is not entirely new, but this one coming from engineer/architect Gianluca Santosuosso called MORPHotel is radically different – both in the use and aesthetic. Not only it is self-sustaining, harvesting energy from the waves and the sun to fuel the power required onboard, its alien-ish form can actually morph with […]