Wood Smart Case for iPad Air and iPad mini

just hours after the unveiling of the new iPads, Grove is already offering the Wood Smart Case for both the iPad Air and iPad mini with Retina Display. as with Grove’s tradition, the Wood Smart Case for iPad Air and iPad mini is handcrafted from lightweight (and sustainable) bamboo and sturdy Eastern Hardrock Maple and

iSketchnote iPad Cover

the adage “the pen is might then the sword” though does not bear literal meaning, is nevertheless look set to stay – even in a world overwhelmed with electronic gadgets. let the truth be told, many of us still prefer or find the convenience in whipping out a pen and paper to doodle and jot down notes.

SLXtreme Ruggedized Case for iPhone 5 and iPad

until the Cupertino folks see the need for consumers to have ruggedized iOS devices, iOS device devotees will have resigned to using third party ruggedized protection if they are looking to bring the devices to harsh environments. speaking of which, the SLXtreme Ruggedized Case for iPhone 5 and iPad from Snow

Landmarks & Lions Quantum Leather iPad Case

iPad is not just a piece of technology – it is also the epitome of product design that results in a product that is not only functional but also exceedingly stylish and hence, it is indeed a crime to cover it up with fancy cases or worst, those cheap plastic ones. this is where we thought the Landmarks & Lions Quantum Leather iPad Case

TANK Aluminum Case for iPad

these days, we are bombarded by tsunami after tsunami of iDevice accessories and to be honest, we are pretty much numb by them. therefore, we hardly take a look at the accessories – cases in particular – until one excellent example crosses our path. the TANK Aluminum Case for iPad by Andrea Ponti of Ponti Design Studio is one such awesome

Audojo iPad Case for Games

as much as we love caressing our beautiful Retina display of the iPad, the truth is, we do miss the tactile feel of analog joystick when it comes to gaming. this is where a handy solution such as the Audojo iPad Case for Games comes into play: it turns your regular iPad into a Playstation Vita-like portable gaming system

Belkin Thunderstorm Handheld Home Theater

we would choose to enjoy a good HD movie on iPad over a large screen full HD TV if not for the sound that doesn’t quite match the visual awe that iPad’s Retina screen has to offer. however, with the Belkin Thunderstorm Handheld Home Theater, we might just change our stance. touted as the world’s first portable…

TUMI Slim Zip Top Crossbody iPad Bag

it’s no secret that there are purists out there who prefer to tote their iPad naked. the latter decision makes sense as you probably wouldn’t want to conceal the device’s beautiful form that Jonathan Ive and his team had spent countless hours perfecting, would you? regardless of your nudist mindset you have for your iTablet, you will still need to somehow…

ORA Sound System for iPad

it is no secret that iPad audio performance is anything but loud or fantastic which is a real mismatch with its beautiful high resolution display. this is where the ORA Sound System for iPad might comes in handy. with the ORA, your iPad will be instantly equipped with an array of eight front-facing speakers encased in a beautiful aluminum case which also doubles as an iPad protective…

LifeProof nüüd Case for iPad

with over 80 millions iPad sold, this little wonder device is being used in virtually any field imaginable – from kindergartens to healthcare to construction, and not to mention average folks like us brings it with us virtually anywhere and thus, exposing it to situation and elements such as drops, knocks, shocks, water, dirts and even snow. needless to say, those situation and…