ZAGGkeys PROplus Keyboard Case

ZAGGkeys PROplus Keyboard Case
ZAGGkeys PROplus Keyboard Case | US$129.99 |

never mind the rumor that there will be a possible smaller iPad joining the Apple product family but in the event that you are still looking to turn your iPad 2 or the new iPad into a netbook like machine, then you should know the main ingredient needed: a keyboard, a wireless one of course and accessories maker ZAGG is more than happy to introduce to one. looking like the China brand aluminum keyboard buddy case that we saw last year, the ZAGGkeys PROplus Keyboard Case sports an ultra-thin form factor, measuring just 7mm (0.24 inches) thin, and features a lightweight aluminum construction, magnetic closure, dedicated function keys for iPad operation, integrated stand to hold the iPad at an optimal viewing angle – in both landscape and portrait mode, Bluetooth 3.0 connectivity, rechargeable built-in battery, and last but not least, the feature that drew us to it: backlit keys. great. so now, your iPad can look the part of Apple’s MacBook, only much tinier. the ZAGGkeys PROplus Keyboard Case can be yours to own for $129.99, or $99.99 if you can live without backlit keys. hit the jump for a pretty classy product intro video.

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