the adage “the pen is might then the sword” though does not bear literal meaning, is nevertheless look set to stay – even in a world overwhelmed with electronic gadgets. let the truth be told, many of us still prefer or find the convenience in whipping out a pen and paper to doodle and jot down notes. it seems like traditional and modern technology has a line drawn pretty clear… until now. iSketchnote is the technology that is set to bridge the gap between the traditional mode of writing and doodling with the technology of the iPad. the iSketchnote is an iPad cover that is engineered with a sole purpose of digitizing hard copy words or drawings on paper or notepad and display them on the iPad in real time.

what makes the iSketchnote special is, it doesn’t require special stylus to interact with your iPad – it uses a classic ballpoint pen but with a metal ring inside that makes movement of pen detectable by a patented sensor board built into the iSketchnote iPad Cover possible. the digital copy of your real life handwriting (or drawing) can be playback for review, or shared with your family and friends over social media networks. whoever says that best of both worlds is an impossibility? the iSketchnote iPad cover has received immense success over at Kickstarter. to secure one for your iPad or iPad mini for a special Kickstarter price of $149. check out a pitch video below to learn more.

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