Venus of Cupertino iPad Docking Station

if your love for arts is as strong as your love for technology, then we thought the Venus of Cupertino iPad Docking Station might be of an interest to you. instead of the usual docking station, the Venus of Cupertino offers you a lady of of curvaceous form (read: plus size) that will dutifully hold on to any second, third, or fourth generation iPad.

The iPad Commode Caddy by CTA Digital

do you feel the need to read magazines while you are dropping the kids off at the pool? instead of pile of magazines, why not read from a handy device such as your iPad? but if so, where do you put your iPad? The iPad Commode Caddy by CTA Digitalaka pedestal stand with roll holder for iPad seems to hold the answer to

Tabi Stand for iPad

try putting a cushion over your laps and an iPad with a stand on it. it doesn’t stand very well, does it? if the aforementioned is what you like to do, then the Tabi Stand is just the stand for you. with a cleverly designed geometry, the Tabi is equally at home on hard and soft surfaces alike. there’s no metal construction that will threaten your shiny gadget and all contact points are of…

iPad Stand by OOOMS

unlike smartphones, the most sought after accessory for iPad (or any tablets for that matter) is probably a stand. cos’ after all the lightweight claim by makers, a tablet is still never light on the hands for too long a time. plus, most folks would prefer to have two hands to go about other stuff like cooking, embracing your love one (erhmm) et cetera. speaking of which, stand…

STRUT LaunchPort System

unless you are one of those high society elites cum petrol-head, you probably have not heard of STRUT. for the benefit of those who don’t know who STRUT is, they are a specialist firm who turns out automotive jewelry such as chrome wheels, grills and all that (chrome) jazz. anyway, they have taken a step into the luxe gadget accessories market by…