Gecko Turns Any Smartphone Into One With Wireless Charging For Just $14

There’s a lot to rave about wireless charging. It is convenient, cuts out the annoying cable clutter and looks suitably ‘futuristic’, befitting an advanced smartphone you are using. But not every phone has it, and not every phone that has it is your desired handset. But with Gecko, you can turn your favorite smartphone into […]

Hyper Glass Screen Protector Puts Top “Buttons” Next to the Home Button

Smartphones are getting bigger, but our thumbs aren’t getting any longer for convenient reach. They will, perhaps many generations after, which we obviously don’t have the luxury of time to wait for that evolution to occur and besides, can you imagine humans with thumbs that are as long as the index finger? Ewww… gross and […]

Shot Wants to Bless Your iPhone with Immersive Virtual Reality, Usable with Google Cardboard

As far as immersive virtual reality is concerned, iPhone is lacking behind its Android counterpart, but if Spanish outfit Shot have their way, iPhone 6/s and iPhone 6/s Plus users can say goodbye to envy and get into the whole immersive photography and videography thing. Shot consists of two parts, a lens attachment and a […]

SnapStyk iPhone Case Has a Slick, 11-inch Selfie Stick Built Into It

Selfie stick is probably the best thing to happen since tripods. While it is useful for selfie and wefie lovers, it can be a pain to transport and also, the need to mount and dismount your handset whenever you want to a selfie can be quite a hassle. This is where SnapStyk Selfie Stick Smartphone […]

olloclip Wants You to Take iPhonegraphy to the Next Level with this Mobile Photography System

If an all-out “cinematic camera” seems like an overkill for your casual and fun iPhonegraphy endeavor, the pioneer of add-on lenses for iPhone has a brilliant solution and it is called olloclip Studio Mobile Photography System. Quite a mouthful, perhaps, but it kind of says what it is and as you might have imagine, consists […]

ICONS by Corners4 Takes Minimalist iPhone Protection to the Extreme

An iPhone case is protection first, then aesthetic. You could easily have both, but if covering up the device is not your idea of beauty, then how about travelling to the extreme end of minimalism? Like maybe just keeping the corners protected? Such ‘extreme minimalism’ is what Corners4 have been proposing. The firm calls it […]

LifeProof FRĒ Power Battery Case Gives Your iPhone 6 2x Battery Life While Being Super Rugged

LifeProof is the opposite of Mophie. While Mophie began as a portable battery maker, the San Diego-based company started out as a specialist maker of rugged cases for your lovely gadgets, but despite the difference, it looks like there’s a convergence happening cos’, like Mophie, LifeProof has also introduced a ruggedized, waterproof iPhone 6 case […]

Mophie Juice Pack H2PRO Keeps Your iPhone 6 Juiced and Waterproof Too

Some say that having case over your iPhone is an insult to the phone’s beautiful form, but we beg to differ because, if you truly treasure your device, you would want to keep it out of harm’s way, or at least keep it protected so you can continue enjoy it all day long. The Juice […]

You Can Turn Your iPhone 6 Plus into a Serious Shooter with this Manfrotto Deluxe Photo Kit

Cassola-based Manfrotto may have changed hands quite a bit, but it has remain a resilient company that has stood the test of time. From its humble beginning as a camera tripod maker to today, it is constantly adapting to the ever changing photography trends and that includes developing gears catering to new-age mobile photographers. The […]

Hyperkin’s Smart Boy Will Turn Your iPhone 6 Plus into a Working Game Boy

April Fools’ jokes are not all about fun. Sometimes jokes dished out by businesses turn out to be a neat (and fun) way to gauge consumers interest for a fake product. Hyperkin’s Smart Boy is one such example. So what’s exactly is a Smart Boy? Well, it is a device that purportedly turns an iPhone […]