Let me guess. You did not manage to get your hands on the much-hyped Nothing phone (1) that was launched last week? I am not surprised. It was gone on the sale day, July 18. It’s OK. It will be available again but if you rather not wait and/or you can’t bear to part with your current daily driver for a fancy see-through handset that is still an Android phone. Well, then you are going to love what dbrand has done.

dbrand Something Skin and Case

The company best known for its awesome skins for gadgets has created a skin and case that will turn your beloved devices into a Nothing phone (1) wannabe. I wouldn’t say lookalike but it is close. In fact, it may be prettier. More importantly to me is, dbrand spoke my thoughts:

“Imagine trying to break into the smartphone market. Turns out, having less money than Apple makes it a little difficult. Availability? Limited. Supply? Constrained. Even with a design so compelling that people pay ridiculous markups at StockX, nobody can get their hands on your fancy new flashlight.”

dbrand Something Skin and Case

dbrand is calling this new series design, well, Something. LoL! Good one, dbrand. Good one.

With dbrand’s experience in turning out skins and cases with teardown design, creating Something isn’t hard at all.

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The dbrand Something Skin and Case are available for select popular smartphones, including iPhone 13 Pro Max, Google Pixel 6 Pro, and Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra, with prices starting at US$24.95.

Images: dbrand.

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