Iron Man Shape-changing Armor Won’t Change Shape But No Less Awesome

Tony Stark has never stop innovating. The fictional super hero in exoskeleton suit has developed more armored suits than your digits can count, but if we were to single out one suit from recent time worthy of a special mention, it would be the shape-changing armor which appeared in 2015’s Invincible Iron Man comics. Why? […]

Wow. This Life-size Motorized Iron Man Suit Opens Up Like The Real Thing!

You know what’s the craziest thing we see this week? Nope. Not the 2016 Presidential Election. This. A video of a life-size Iron Man Mark 43 suit that opens up in a way like it did in the movie. Seriously, it does that and apparently, this is a real-deal and not some CGI bullshit used […]

Seriously, Folks, This Is How NOT To Fly Like An Iron Man

Iron Man exoskeleton suit is not an impossibility, but to defy gravity and zip across the sky like the fictional superhero, we all know is pure sci-fi fantasy. Based on the technology known to mankind today, there’s no way that a suit like such can harness enough thrust to propel a full-grown man with hundreds […]

DIY Iron Man Mk.39 Starbooster Cosplay Suit Has “Functional” Hand Thrusters

Post-2008 most cosplayed comic character is probably Iron Man and so far, most of them are impressive in their own right. But this one here, the Iron Man Mk.39 Starbooster Cosplay Suit by YouTuber Ehv Props & Dutch Props, stood out not only in the detail department but also functionality, well, sort of. Sort of […]

Iron Man Mark V x Joker Action Figure Mashup Is One Bat-ass Kicking Creation

DC Comics and Marvel never cross paths, but imagine if they did and super villains like the Joker got his hands on Tony Stark’s super suit (like many Marvel’s villains did in history), well, then in that case, this is what it will look like: an Iron Joker. Created by master of over imaginative (but […]

Seriously, Why Buy An Iron Man Statue When You Can Wear The Actual Suit?

Countless people must have cosplayed Iron Man with their own homemade suits, but if you want to turn heads, then you probably have to do what Killerbody did: spend two years in creating a movie-accurate, wearable armor, and boy, does it look seriously authentic and comes outfitted with the requisite LED lights and pop up […]

Iron Man Mk III Amor from Iron Man 3 Joins the Magnetic Floating Series

You have seen the awesome ‘cute version’ Floating Iron Man Mk II Suit by Beast Kingdom, now meet the Mark III suit, also from the movie Iron Man 3. Like the Mark II, it features an intricately detailed suit, but being Mark III it is now dressed in the iconic hotrod red and gold, in […]

You Can Now Suit Up Your iPhone 6 with Iron Man MK XLIII Armor… Case

If you ask me if I believe that Iron Man suit will ever become a reality someday, I’d say ‘no’. Knowing how flight works, that dream exoskeleton suit kind of defies logic. But anyways, I guess I will never know. God knows if someday a real life Tony Stark will actually make an arc reactor […]

Samsung Iron Man-themed Galaxy S6 Edge Goes Official, Cost a Cool $1,200

Remember the Samsung Iron Man Galaxy S6 Edge Smartphone we reported last week? Well, it is here and we are surprise it wasn’t earlier to boost up Marvel’s Avengers: Age of Ultron premier week. Anyway, it is here and available to lucky Avengers fans residing in Korea, starting on May 27, 2015, and China and […]

Are You Ready for an Iron Man-theme Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Smartphone?

Yup. It is happening. There’s going to be an Iron Man Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge coming your way, though details are still foggy at this point. Apparently, the South Korean electronic giant have posted a teaser image to its official Twitter account a couple of days ago, showing the special edition handset’s packaging. However, that […]