Lear Jet Limousine: For Those Who Desire A Private Jet But Afraid Of Flying

No. What you see here is not a flying car, or neither is it a drag speedster destined for Salt Flats. But it is indeed a real aircraft fuselage, except that it no longer flies. This bizarre automobile is a thing, made from an actual Lear Jet private jet and hence the name Limo-Jet. Because […]

Nissan And Italdesign Created A Celebratory Nissan GT-R Called GT-R50

2019 marks the 50 years of Nissan GT-R (formerly under the moniker Skyline). To mark the golden jubilee of this world-renowned sports car, Nissan has joined hands with another half a century old company, Italdesign, to create a custom-bodied GT-R which it calls Nissan GT-50 by Italdesign. With the Italdesign in the mix, you expect […]

This Is It. The New 700+ HP Aston Martin DBS Superleggera Is Here!

You read right. That’s a DBS and a Superleggera… as one car. Behold the new Aston Martin DBS Superleggera! Announced earlier today, this true thoroughbred pays homage to the historic super lightweight construction technology of the famous Italian coachbuilder and it looks, well, very Aston Martin. Actually no, it does not quite. It is particularly […]

Porsche Brings Back The Spirit Of 356 With 911 Speedster Concept

In addition to bringing its first sports car back to life and giving its electric sports sedan a name – among many other things, Porsche is marking its 70 years in existence with a Porsche 911 Speedster Concept. Porsche described the open-top sports car as a “road ready study” and so, it is very likely […]

Porsche Fully Electric Sports Car Mission E Is Now Known As “Taycan”

First unveiled at the Frankfurt Motor Show in 2015 and officially green-lighted later that year, Porsche’s very first electric sports car “Mission E” now has an official name and it is called Taycan. Loosely translated to “lively young horse” – a reference to the image appeared at the heart of the Porsche emblem – Taycan […]

Rolls-Royce Cullinan Beckons You To Luxe Outside Of Urban Areas

When I saw the press release of Rolls-Royce much anticipated off-road capable luxury vehicle, Rolls-Royce Cullinan, I was taken aback. It was over 4,800 words long and as I continue to read it, it felt like I was scrolling through the mythical infinite scroll. And you know what this means. This means, the British luxury […]

Here’s Another Off-road Bentley Continental GT You Can Buy

So, you missed the only chance to own an off-road prepped Bentley Continental GT, but deep down, you know that you still want one. Badly. Well, here’s the good news. While the Bentley Continental GT “Offroad” peddled by an outfit called Classic Youngtimers Consultancy may not be the same machine featured in NatGeo’s Supercar Megabuild, […]

BMW Marks 30 Years Of M Convertible With Limited BMW M4 Edition Model

BMW introduced its first open-top high-performance automobile, the BMW M3 Convertible, 30 years ago in 1988. This company’s first was destined to thrill with an everyday, luxury sports car that was blessed with racetrack-proven engine and suspension. Today, BMW marks this 30 years with a special model, the 2018 BMW M4 Convertible Edition 30 Jahre. […]

A Super Rich Person’s Aston Martin Valkyrie Is Going To Have A Moon Dust-infused Paint Job

Unless you happen to own a space rocket-making company, chances are you will not be able to make your car literally out-of-this-world by letting it hitch a ride on a rocket. Notwithstanding this, one man had a vision of making this soon-to-be-released hypercar out-of-this-world, but without the risk of not making back to Earth. After […]

Fisker EMotion Electric Luxury Sedan Makes Global Debut At CES 2018

What is electric powered, has 400 miles range, a top speed of 161 mph, all-wheel drive and has unique opening doors? Tesla? Nope. Not a Tesla this time. Neither is it yet another China-based EV maker. It is none other than the Fisker EMotion Electric Luxury Sedan from the revived Fisker Automotive (now called Fisker, […]