Seriously, I Want This All-electric Classic Mini Now!

It is odd that the icon of compact hatch of our time does not already have fully electric cars plying the roads. I guess MINI is taking its time to make sure it does it right cos’ obviously, a car this tiny will have questionable range due the straight up space constraint. While BMW Group […]

MINI John Cooper Works GP Concept and Electric Concept Heads To IAA

BMW Group’s MINI has something cool to show off ahead of this year’s IAA, or more commonly known as Frankfurt Motor Show. The first is a MINI that will delight MINI-adoring speed demons, a ride called MINI John Cooper Works GP Concept and the other, should please tree hugging MINI fans, designated as MINI Electric […]

MINI Wants You Camp With MINI Countryman With This Roof Tent

Does the new MINI Countryman inspired you to hit up the great outdoors? If yes, then you should know, it is probably best not to have this little guy have a trailer in tow. Why? I don’t know? Maybe because it is not a Land Rover or Jeep? Or maybe because hooking up a few […]

MINI John Cooker Works Will Turn A MINI Drop Top Into A Mobile Cook Top

Nothing can be taken seriously on April 1st. Really. Our inbox is flooded with intriguing products released on this day, but being April 1st, most of these ‘products’ are obviously not real; they are businesses out to prank us in the name of April Fools Day. Though so. We see the beauty some of these […]

John Cooper Works Touched 2017 MINI Clubman Gets 231 Horsepower

Big MINI like the Countryman and Clubman are exactly huge, but they are still practical. Practicality may have won’t some while others are less than satisfied with its performance. If that’s what stopping you from appreciating a MINI, or in this case, a Clubman, then perhaps the new MINI John Cooper Works Clubman should entice […]

All-New MINI Countryman Unveiled Along With A Plug-in Hybrid Variety

BMW Group has unveiled a spanking new MINI Countryman model which, not surprisingly, got a bump in size – making it the largest MINI yet. Also introduced was an electrified Countryman, a plug-in hybrid model MINI Cooper S E Countryman ALL4, the marque’s first electric drive since like when? 2010? Whatever is the case, the […]

In The Next 100 Years, MINI Will Be A Semi-Autonomous Shared Car

You have seen BMW Vision Next 100 and more recently, Rolls-Royce Vision Next 100. Now meet the MINI Vision Next 100 – the last of the three BMW Group’s marque (excluding Motorrad). If you don’t already know, MINI Vision Next 100, like the other two Vision Next 100 Concepts, is a look into what lies […]

MINI Seven Special Edition: The Humble Austin Seven Remembered

When it comes to special edition automobile, MINI is second to none and just when you thought the German automaker-owned, British marque has run out of ideas for special edition, it dishes out yet another and this time, it pays tribute the original Austin Seven of 50s and 60s. Aptly dubbed MINI Seven, it is […]

Good News! MINI Is Getting Scissor Doors As An Option! Or Is It Really?

Given that this press release was sent out on the March 31, 2016, it is not surprising to know that the MINI scissor doors option is an April Fools’ Day joke. Come on, folks, isn’t it a little too obvious? Scissor doors on a MINI? Really? On the second thought, maybe some may have been […]