This is it. This is the New MINI Clubman and it is the Biggest MINI Yet

We love MINI, but its size left much to be desired. Sure. There is the Countryman to content with, but honestly speaking, while Countryman has the face of the MINI, it never really look like a MINI; it looks more like a mini monster truck. This is where we think the new MINI Clubman will […]

MINI Joins the Vision Gran Turismo Bandwagon, Lets You Take Clubman Vision GT for a Virtual Spin

If you haven’t already heard, MINI has joined the growing rank of Vision Gran Turismo cars designed specifically for Playstation’s Gran Turismo 6 console games. While other automakers tend to straddle towards the extreme (read: unlikely to see in real life other than prototype), MINI has taken a more realistic approach with a Clubman-based racer, […]

MINI Heads into the Open Water with the World’s First MINI Surfboard

MINI has taken to the sea, but not with an amphibious vehicle as one might have guessed. It now has a surfboard to its name and mind you, that’s a fully working surfboard that we are talking about. Not a concept. Not a prototype. Which is an awesome thing because we hate reading about stuff […]

MINI Wants to You to Experience Augmented Reality Inside and Outside the Car with this AR Eyewear

Augmented reality arrival to automobile is inevitable, the only question is: when. We know Land Rover Jaguar is doing something that would add information to the windscreen and even experimenting on “transparent” pillar and hood, but those will sometime to materialize and without doubt, a huge investment on the manufacturer’s part. BMW Group’s MINI has […]

The New MINI John Cooper Works Is The Most Powerful Production MINI Yet

If you are a self-profess hardcore MINI enthusiast, we suppose nothing will appease you other than a top-ranging model and in this respect, we trust that you know John Cooper Works is the model you will be after. If so, the British marque has good news for you: the top-spec John Cooper Works has finally […]

Mini Citysurfer Concept is not a Car, it is an Electric Skatescooter That Fits Into The Trunk of Your Mini

The Mini might be small, but that doesn’t mean it can reach everywhere you wish to go and thus, persistence existence of the last mile. Taking a stroll or in the case of an urban jungle, a hike, to your intended destination might not be a big deal, but to end up drenched in perspiration […]

LEGO MINI Cooper Is Official, Picnic Basket Comes Standard

LEGO and MINI enthusiasts rejoice. the classic MINI finally gets its deserving brick treatment and it will be out in August 2014 for $99.99. comprising of 1,077 pieces, this LEGO Creator set features the iconic MINI Cooper Mk VII in the familiar British racing green, complete with white roof, white racing stripes and small, fat […]

MINI Teamed Up With Touring Superleggera For This Very Un-MINI Concept Roadster

there are marques turning out concepts that are pretty much out of these world – a move that is as cruel as the car itself, because, you see it, you drool over it, but you can’t buy it. almost all automakers at some point in time did so, all maybe except for MINI… until now. […]

MINI Paceman Adventure Concept Truck

we have seen just about almost all kind of MINI body styles, from coupes to convertibles to crossovers, but a pickup truck is certainly not one of them, or will ever be considered, largely due to the ‘impractically’ tiny cargo area it has to offer. well, that’s until now. a group of young apprentices teamed […]