Gundam Factory Yokohama’s Tickets Go On Sale, Plus A Host Of Collectibles Revealed

The 1:1 scale Gundam robot made history when it took a few steps and knelt down. Despite it being super slow, it was still quite an achievement and a sight to behold – if it was viewed 4x faster.

Quintessential Nissin Foods Cup Noodle Is Now A, Ermmm, 1/1 Scale Model Kit

You will be able to get a Nissin Foods Cup Noodle ready to eat in just 3 minutes, but this particular Nissin Foods Cup Noodle will take a bit longer. And oh, no. While it looks delectable, it NOT edible. It is actually a model kit. You know, like Gunpla? That’s right, folks. Nissin Foods’ …

In Japan, You Can Subscribed To A Magazine To Get This Enormous Macross VF-1 Valkyrie Model

Growing up watching Macross and subsequently, the American version Robotech anime series, I am naturally excited and at the same time, frustrated with this new collectible from the anime series. It is a 1/24 scale Macross VF-1 Valkyrie, the fighter mecha with an abundance of details. That’s the exciting part.

Hello Kitty Put On The Gundam Suit And Becomes Haro In This Hello Kitty x Gundam Collab

Fans of Hello Kitty and Gundam, your wallet ain’t going to be happy because, as it turns out, the Hello Kitty x Gundam does end at the Chogokin Gundam and Chars Zaku II figures. It has more.

Theo Jansen’s Majestic Strandbeest Now A Model Kit You Can Build

I am sure you have seen videos of the majestic kinetic sculpture called Strandbeest combing the beach. Through clever mechanical linkages, Theo Jansen’s Strandbeest is moved by the power of the wind. It is a super cool man-made object that we can only watch in admiration, well, not anymore. Now, you can build your own …

Machination Studio’s New Light Walker Scale Model Is On Kickstarter

The Singaporean man with the thing for mechanized dieselpunk walking tank scale model is back. This time Michael Sng is bringing a new model called Codename Colossus M1A2 Light Walker Squad Leader ver. The new model is, as expected, very dieselpunk-ish, featuring a hexapod design with a lightly armored body. As with previous Machination Studio’s …

1000toys Make Izmojuki Probe 20WT 1/12 Available To Kickstarter Backers

Remember the awesome Izmojuki Urban Mech Robot Model Kits? Well, they did launch on Kickstarter sometime late last year, but unfortunately, it was a little short of its funding goal. But if you backed it, you should have already received email about the preferential sale exclusive to Kickstarter backers. And oh, the sale will be …