Death Star Mug Is Not Moon-size, But It Sure Is Huge By Mug’s Standard

I never noticed if the characters on Death Star drink anything at all, but if they did, my best guess is, the dudes onboard the deadly space station would be drinking from the Death Star Sculpted Ceramic Mug because, Death Star. Duh. It is obvious. Clearly, no one will dare to drink from a mug […]

This Unbreakable Mug May Be The Last Mug You Ever Need

There are mugs and then there is the MYMUG, an uber minimalist mug that is virtually indestructible. But do you need one? Probably not… if you can stand replacing those fragile ceramic mugs, that is. If not, MYMUG is the mug of choice that’s not only unbreakable, but it also oozes with style lent to […]

25-Year-Old On-The-Go Coffee Maker Updated And It Is Looking Good!

Montana-based Planetary Design, maker of hot beverage equipment, has recently reintroduced its popular French press mugs, the Big Sky Bistro, with an artistic twist. Now, if you don’t already know, French press mug is essentially an on-the-go coffee maker and mug combo first introduced 25 years ago. Twenty-five-freaking-years! So, yeah, you’d be right to say […]

This Smart Drinkware Will Keep Your Coffee At The Temperature Set By You

To achieve the perfect brew, coffee is brewed at around 200 Fahrenheit and obviously, we can’t drink at that scorching temperature. So, what do we do? We wait. Then we forgot about it and it gets a little too cold for our liking. Drinking coffee is a simple enjoyment, but it has, for some reasons, […]

These Guys Put A Bike Brake Lever On A Coffee Mug And It Looks Awesome

Drinking coffee is a lifestyle and as such, you want the mug you drink your favorite joe from to be not just practical, but also heavy on style. If you are on the same page us, then you may want to check out the Coffee Brake Mug Version 4. From the product name, you may […]

Nano Tech Wireless Heated Mug Will Keep Your Coffee Hot for 45 Minutes

I have to be honest. The idea of a Nano Tech Wireless Heated Mug tickles my soft spot. I won’t easily succumb to sale pitches, but the idea of having a hot beverage for up to 45 minutes, even in cold weather, certainly had me at hello. Heated mugs aren’t new. We have seen USB-powered […]

Build-on Brick Mug – LEGO-style Mug

you can’t really proclaim yourself a true LEGO geek unless you are actually working for the Danish company or your life revolves around those little colorful bricks – like having those spare bricks of yours stick around your coffee mug, for example. that, my friend, is your path to LEGO geek-nirvana and ThinkGeek has just the mug for that would help you