Skate Guitar – Used Skateboard Repurposed into Electric Axe

there was a time when flying V was the in thing for rocking axe shredders. then as rock music progresses so did the design of the axe which takes on the most inconceivable form (such as a Nintendo NES console electric guitar), but seriously, the design oddity has not been fully explored even then. the Skate Guitar

KORG Headtune Clip-On Tuner

the most immediate hurdle for aspiring axe shredder is tuning. tuning your guitar is an eternal frustration that won’t go away until you develop the ear for it. until then, your best bet would be your pro-shredding pals, or you could get a KORG Headtune Clip-On Tuner to save yourself the trouble and frustration. available for guitar, bass, as well as ukulele

MONO Vertigo Electric Guitar Case

how many times have you found yourself struggling to retrieve your electric axe from a typical guitar bag? we would imagine most of the time, especially when doing it standing – it is almost impossible to do so without laying the bag flat on the ground or a table. with the MONO Vertigo Electric Guitar Case, that struggle would be a thing of the past.

Teenage Engineering OP-1 Synthesizer

it looks like a toy, but it isn’t one. the Teenage Engineering OP-1 Synthesizer has a future-beauty to it that grabbed our attention even though we are not, we repeat, not, a big fan of beeping tones. future-like look it is, this particular electronic musical instrument is touted as an all-in-one portable synthesizer that is a sampler, controller and of course, a synthesizer but it…


we can’t think of any reason why someone would want to combine synthesizer with class arcade game controller but in case you do, the Pianocade is just the rig for you. unlike its namesake, it is not exactly a piano per say but it is a synthesizer and MIDI controller made famous around the same period as arcade had (in 80s). fashioned after the classic arcade game controller, complete…

Limited Edition David Ellefson Beamz Player

GarageBand may be an easy way to learn music but honestly, you got to have some basic ‘talent’ in order to really pick things up. however, lacking thereof does not mean you are resigned to the fate of just enjoying music and not creating it, thanks to innovative electronic instrument like the Beamz Player, a laser beam…