Razer Closing Ouya Store, Effectively Killing The Console For Good

Yesterday, Razer made an announcement that will make Ouya console users very sad. The gaming lifestyle company brought what thought to be the future of video game console in 2015 and had it running since. But not anymore as the company puts out official words that it will be shutting the Ouya store, effectively killing […]

NASA Is Going Back To The Moon And This Time, It Is Planning On Staying

If you haven’t already heard, NASA is revisiting the Moon. The U.S. space agency targets to do so by 2024 and this time, it is planning to stay. Yup. NASA is setting base on the Moon like for real. The program, called Artemis lunar exploration, will once again put American astronauts, this time the first […]

Avengers HQ Turns Out To Be A Chinese Company’s Facility In Georgia

You know Tony Stark’s home hanging a cliff in Malibu in Iron Man series was the work of CGI, but do you know Avengers HQ in Avengers: Endgame is not CGI? So, if it wasn’t CGI-ed, where on Earth was Avengers HQ? Well, as it turns out, the building belongs to a Chinese heavy construction […]

LEGO Stranger Things Set Leaked As LEGO Shared Official Teaser

It looks like the arrival of LEGO Stranger Things is imminent. LEGO has just shared a video on Facebook entitled “LEGO Police Cruiser set.” A teaser or commercial is nothing out of the ordinary, except for this was shot with a very 80s toys commercial vibe and more importantly, it features a new police 4×4 […]

Fossils Discovered 20 Years Old Ago Turned Out To Be A “Cousin” Of T-Rex

When you hear that the infamous prehistoric animal Tyrannosaurus rex had a “cousin,” you’d think it would be as large as the T-rex. Well, as it turns out, not only the T-rex did had a “cousin,” it was very much smaller. Paleontologist and assistant professor with Department of Geosciences at the Virginia Tech College of […]

Man Swallows An Apple AirPod While Sleeping, Found Out It Is Still Working After He Pooped It Out

Here’s a bizarre news to start your day (or to wrap up your day, depending on where you are). There are actually two levels of bizarre here. First, how the hell one managed to “accidentally” swallow an AirPod while asleep!? And second, believe it or not, Find My iPhone actually works even when the AirPod […]

Giant 1×4 LEGO Brick Spotted On The Road In Billund, Denmark

A massive yellow ‘LEGO Brick’ was spotted on a trailer bed hauled by a truck in Billund, Denmark (with a safety vehicle hot on its heel, as it appears). It was a gigantic 1×4 piece that, technically, should be a plate than a brick, but given the scale of this piece, it is debatable. That […]

This Adorable Cat Was Why A Man Struggles To Breathe Every Night

Lomphonten Lomphontan is a regular Thai dude who live with his pet cat, a tabby named Achi. But here’s the thing: Lomphontan found himself struggling to breathe every night when he sleeps and yet, he isn’t diagnosed with sleep apnea or asthma, and he most definitely isn’t allergic to cat which the headline may have […]

Ford Made A Shopping Trolley That Self-brakes To Prevent Collision

Clearly, in an effort to promote its pre-collision assist technology, Ford has developed a prototype, wait for this… shopping trolley. But not just any supermarket trolley (or shopping cart, if you will), mind you. It is one that’s capable of self-braking if it detects an imminent collision. Under normal circumstances, supermarket trolley don’t collide into […]

Chinese Aircraft Carrier Took To The Skies At A Precarious Angle

Your eyes is not playing trick on you. That was indeed an aircraft carrier in the sky and at a precarious angle that no vessels would want to be at. No, it wasn’t the S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier. From afar, it may look like the Chinese Type 002 aircraft carrier – one of China’s government newest pride […]