Israel’s First Moon Landing Mission Ends In A Crash

It was to be another space-related history made in a space (pun not intended) of two days. Prior to the simultaneous, worldwide revealing of the first ever image of a black hole, Israel’s moon lander was preparing for a historic touchdown on the moon with its $90 million Beresheet spacecraft. Beresheet which means genesis or […]

5D Porn Cinema Has Moving, Vibrating Seats, Air Jets And Water Cannons

We usually don’t cover any topic related to porn (save for some bizarre sex toys like this and this), but this news is way too bizarre not to be covered. Full disclosure before I proceed. I know nuts about Amsterdam. Never been there my entire life thus far. My limited knowledge about the capital of […]

Ehang 216 Autonomous Aerial Vehicle Sets To Ply Austria Skies In 2020

First, it was Dubai and now, Austria. Chinese Ehang Autonomous Aerial Vehicle (AAV) is set to ply the skies of Austria come 2020. The company, along with Austrian FACC aviation company and ProSiebenSat, broke the news last week at a launch event held at Vienna’s Generali Arena. Following the official launch, Ehang will be showing […]

Amazon’s Ambitious Mothership Is Real! Nah, Just Kidding. It Is Fake. Phew!

For a moment, it appears that Amazon may have make good on its patent filed in 2014 for an autonomous airborne fulfillment center. Airborne Fulfillment Center or AFC is basically a giant warehouse in the sky that dispatches delivery drones from as high as 45,000 feet. It was a concept that is bold and yet […]

We Nearly Fell For LEGO’s Pretty Damn Brilliant April Fool Day’s Joke

We are wary of the news that came out on any April 1st of any year. This year is no exception. In fact, we even contemplating not to post anything on this day for fear that our naivety gets the better of us. So far, we are safe. Phew!. And then we came across a […]

Tokyo’s Taxis Change Vehicle Color To Indicate The Taxi’s Status

Imagine this: you wanted to hail a cab. You raise your hand to whichever taxi that’s coming your way in hope it is vacant. Sometimes, you try your best to squint your eyes to see the tiny sign on or inside the taxi if is vacant. It really is a hit-and-miss adventure. Well, not if […]

Teenager Paid $800,000 For A Bunch Of Supreme Skate Decks In An Auction

If, after reading the headline, you are asking what the hell are you doing with your life, well, you are not alone. I was asking myself the same. Why am still here furiously typing on an aging MacBook Pro on an aging Apple Wireless Keyboard and look an aging Apple Cinema Display for a paltry […]

Star Wars Celebration Chicago Exclusives Previewed

I guess you don’t have to wait till Triple Force Friday (October 4th, 2019) to see new Star Wars toys. Disney-owned Star Wars franchise has previewed a slew of products from Hasbro, Funko! and LEGO that it will be bringing to Star Wars Celebration Chicago, happening from April 11-15 at McComick Place, to celebrate the […]

Google’s New Gaming Platform Could End All Existing Gaming Platforms

It is safe to say most modern people’s life revolves around Google. We rely on Google to get to places. We turn to Google for information. We get entertained by it too. The list just go on and on. Thank goodness that they have sold the robotic company to Softbank, if not we would be […]

CorelDraw 2019 Returns To Mac, Introduces CorelDraw Web App

CorelDraw, the Adobe Illustration direct competition. I have long forgotten it since I started using Mac and picked up Adobe Illustrator. After 18 years hiatus, the other go-to illustration software has return to Mac and like Adobe, it has also hopped onto the web bandwagon. Meet the CorelDraw Graphics Suite 2019, now for Mac and […]