Wacky Waving Inflatable Tube Guy Because, You Know You Want It!

Well, what do you know? The wacky dancing tube, AKA inflatable tube guy, you see decorating events or used car lots is available for homes too. I am not even kidding. Thankfully, though, this home version is not the same size as those you see lining the entrance of building of some business’ closing down […]

Cheeseburger Wallet: Putting Your Money Where The Burger Is

Fun wallet. It is rarity before and it is a rarity now. The most you get out of so-called fun wallets are those with funny images – if you can even find those. But not this. Not the Deliciousness Burger Wallet by the rad folks over at Toddland (stylized as toddland, btw). This is not […]

Fender Amp Mug Has A Clever Design That Makes Straight Edge Mug Usable

Some things are just not meant to be square. One example would be mugs. Square mugs have no place in this world. It is just ergonomically flawed. But somehow Paladone managed to take the middle ground with this officially licensed Fender Amp Mug by Paladone. Fender Amp Mug has the straight, rectangular form of the […]

Cat Scratch Laptop Is For Dennis Of The Cat’s World With A Thing For Laptop

Do you find you lovely feline friend loves to ‘type’ and ‘dab’ on your laptop? By ‘type’ and ‘dab’, I mean to say ‘scratching the keyboard and stabbing at the screen’. If so, here’s the perfect solution to the woes only cat owners will be able to understand: SUCK UK Cat Scratch Laptop. SUCK UK […]

Stand Up Floats Inflatable Creatures Make Paddle Board Less Boring

Already finding your paddle board boring? Well, we don’t blame you for feeling that way cos’ unless it is a powered, speed demon on the water, it may feel little bland, or maybe not chill enough, after a few trips to your tranquil local lake. Having said that, if you do feel your paddle board […]

GravaStar Is About As Conversational As A Bluetooth Speaker Can Get

If the mechanical spider Bluetooth speaker appeals to you, then I am pretty darn sure the Zoeao GravaStar Bluetooth Speaker will too. Looking like an alien invader, GravaStar is just about as conversational as a Bluetooth speaker can get. The reason cannot be more obvious. Just look at this little guy. With large big torso/head, […]

Assembly Required: IKEA Is Actually Selling Flat Packed Chocolate Bunny

Most IKEA products required some form of assembly. That’s no news, but this, this IS NEWS because, this is an edible milk chocolate product from IKEA that also requires assembly. Yes. You heard that right. It is a flat packed chocolate bunny, officially called IKEA VÅRKÄNSLA Milk Chocolate Bunny. Here’s the official product description:

Do You Know That LEGO Actually Had Anti-LEGO Slippers? Yup, They Sure Did

Do You Know That LEGO Actually Had Anti-LEGO Slippers? Well, I sure the hell didn’t! It was real product, btw, from LEGO, from 4 years ago. The story behind this pair of tongue-in-cheek slippers was, you know, to take the pain out of your feet if you ever stepped on LEGO bricks. Now, we are […]

Sticky Tapes That Look Like Tasty Sushi: You Know You Want Them, Don’t You?

I can’t remember when was the last time I reach out for a sticky tape, but I did had wasabi a couple weeks ago to go with some really awesome salmon. Both of those has nothing to do with the SUCK UK Sushi Tape. But wasabi does has in common with sushi, just not these […]

Who Would Have Thought The Mjolnir Is Good As A Toilet Paper Holder Too?

When it comes to Thor’s mythical hammer, Mjolnir, there is nothing it can’t do. It can make Thor fly. It can pretty smash through everything and anything. And for times when it does not need follow its worthy owner on his superhero quest, it tenderizes meat, doubles as a toolbox, charge your smartphone, and my […]