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The Observatory Class Telescope

chin up at night and you will be able to awe at the majestic stars filled dark sky, but if you want to see further such as peering into the Orion Nebula or perhaps be dazzled by trillion stars of the Andromeda Galaxy, then you will need more than just a pair of naked eyes – this calls for a piece of hardware identical to those used by the likes of the U.S. Naval Observatory and NASA, such as The Observatory Class Telescope as offered up by Hammacher. equipped with a 20-inch diameter aperture, the scope is capable of letting in some 5,000 times more light than human eye, thus allowing your vision to wander deep into the space where until now, you could see on BBC or the National Geographic channel or when visiting your local science center or observatory. Continue reading The Observatory Class Telescope

Sony Cyber-Shot QX Lens Cameras

the Sony Cyber-shot QX Lens Cameras may sounds rather confusing. you may ask if they are cameras or just lenses? actually, they are both. it may even appears to be an extra accessory which you might not need, however, if bringing these lens cameras could save yourself from having to bring a real camera along on your next trip, i guess it might actually deserve a space in your luggage, don’t you think? each lens cameras come with a mechanically adjustable bracket for attaching to your smartphone and connects to your device via WiFi, allowing your smartphone to perform as an actual camera; and we are not talking about some lens attachment that tries to ‘enhanced’ your smartphone’s camera performance – this is about transforming your smartphone into a real-deal regular camera. Continue reading Sony Cyber-Shot QX Lens Cameras

Lomography Petzval Portrait Lens

while lomography and today’s photoshop prowess can recreate most awesome effects of the past, but there is one truly old school style that we can’t replicate and that is the effect when using the 19th century Petzval lens, as developed by mathematician Professor Joseph Petzval (1807-1891) in 1840. the Petzval lens that Prof Petzval developed has spun off a totally unique photography art form, featuring sharp and crisp center, strong color saturation, swirly bokeh effect, artful vignettes, along with narrow depth of field. if you are into analog photography, you must agree that this awesome effect cannot be repeated again using modern equipment – until now. Lomography, the all-thing-analog imaging company, is reviving the Petzval lens with modern day 21st century touches and they are calling it the Lomography Petzval Portrait Lens. Continue reading Lomography Petzval Portrait Lens

Poppy turns your iPhone into a 3D Camera

remember ViewMaster? well, the Poppy (no relation to opium or that alluring red flora) is kind of like the ViewMaster, but instead of reels, your iPhone will be the thing you will be viewing and shooting with. the principle behind Poppy is the age-old technology known as stereoscopic where two images are merged optically to create the 3D effect. so the Poppy is essentially an optical device for your iPhone that lets you do two things: one, view 3D stills and videos (such as those on YouTube) and two, capture stills and videos in 3D. the best part is, Poppy will work with any photo or video app. however, if you prefer a more “well rounded” app, the team behind Poppy has also a dedicated iOS app written just for Poppy that will let you capture 3D images and videos, save them to your iPhone’s photo album, upload your 3D masterpiece to YouTube, browse your own 3D content as well as those on YouTube – all via an easy to use controls. Continue reading Poppy turns your iPhone into a 3D Camera

Sony DEV-50V Digital Recording Binoculars

what’s the point of zooming 25x to catch a glimpse of some rare avian creatures and not being able to record down what possibly could be a once-in-a-lifetime sighting? and that is why there’s the Sony DEV-50V Digital Recording Binoculars. sporting a form factor that is 30 percent smaller and lighter than its predecessor, the Sony DEV-50V Digital Recording Binoculars, as its name implies, let you have the option to capture stills or record video clips while you are watching your subject. sure. you could do it with a camera with cumbersome telephoto lens, but for a serious wildlife observer, we figured a pro equipment like such with smooth optical magnification from 0.8x to 25x and and Optical SteadyShot Active Mode for a blur-free viewing even during zooming, would make the cut. besides, we suspect you would prefer to do without bulky equipment (who doesn’t? really). Continue reading Sony DEV-50V Digital Recording Binoculars

The WWII Flakfernrohr (Binoculars)

The WWII Flakfernrohr
(photos: Hammacher) The WWII Flakfernrohr | US$15,000.00 | www.hammacher.com

being gadget fanatics, we are equally intrigued by gadgets of the bygone era. after all, they did pave the way for the stuff we use today and we thank them for that. speaking of which, if you have a decor similar to that of the Chelsea Steampunk-inspired apartment, then the WWII Flakfernrohr, a vintage military gadget, could be a nice addition to your collection. for the uninitiated, the Flakfernrohr here is actually a pair of 10×80 flak binoculars that hails from the World War II era (sometime between 1936-1945). beautifully refurbished, this pair of working vintage optics were usually placed atop towering flak towers, working in sync with rangefinders and searchlights to direct anti-aircraft batteries to spot incoming Allied bombers. Continue reading The WWII Flakfernrohr (Binoculars)

all hands on deck! Steampunk Wrist Monocular is here!

Steampunk Wrist Monocular 544x638px
(credit: ThinkGeek) Steampunk Wrist Monocular | US$44.99 | www.thinkgeek.com

if love Sky Captain and the world of Tomorrow, then this Steampunk Wrist Monocular should entice you. perfect companion when on board a steampunk-inspired airship or perhaps, a steampunk boat and it is not just for show – it is in fact, a fully functional brass (read: steampunk-esque) flip-action monocular with a modest 2X magnification. granted that is has a less than ideal optical magnification that probably allows you to just vaguely catch a glimpse of the steampunk princess next door but it will, however, complement your love for all things steampunk, and that’s priceless for any steampunk fanatics. Continue reading all hands on deck! Steampunk Wrist Monocular is here!

Sony Digital Binoculars with full HD AVCHD video recording

Sony Digital Binoculars 544x388px
(credit: Sony) Sony Digital Binoculars | from US$1,400.00 | www.sonystyle.com

as an average everyday person, binoculars are probably the last thing you are going to get. well, unless of course, you are a serial peeping tom pretending to be a bird watcher or a private eye. whether you are the latter or the former, you won’t want to miss this new gadget from Sony – the new Sony Digital Binoculars that boost full HD video recording capability and that’s not all, it also features zoom functionality, electronic autofocus and steadyshot image stabilization technology. Continue reading Sony Digital Binoculars with full HD AVCHD video recording