Satechi Outs Selfie Stick with Bluetooth Connectivity and Built-in Rechargeable Battery

i am sure you guys are familiar with selfie stick. it is the must-have tool if you want to take your career in selfie to the next level. speaking of selfie stick, Satechi has join the growing number of selfie stick makers with their very own ‘smart selfie stick’, or more correctly known as the […]

Hufa Lens Cap Holder Solves The Age-old Problem of ‘Where To Put Your Lens Cap’

sometimes the smallest invention is all we need to enhance our life’ experiences. there is no denying some issues are so minute that we sometimes just chose to ‘live with it’, but that really shouldn’t be the case. the Hufa Lens Cap Holder is one such example of a small invention that could change your […]

FlashQ Is A Wireless Flash Trigger That Won’t Look Awkward On Small Cameras

wireless trigger systems are a dime a dozen. there is simply no shortage, however, there is a new entrant based out of Hong Kong eyeing for a slice of the wireless trigger pie and doing it in a really small proportion. meet the FlashQ, a sleek and tiny Wireless Flash Trigger that is simple to […]

The BELAIR X 6-12 Instant Camera Kit

there are three worlds in photography. the first being the digital world, where you get instant gratification in the form of previews. then there is the instant print realm, where you get instant physical photos for instant gratification, and last but not the least, there’s the anti-instant gratification photography in the form of analog photography.

Lomography Experimental Lens Kit

artistic lo-fi style images don’t quite seem to mix with modern digital photography. even with the myriad of photo manipulation apps and software-based creative filters, they somehow still feels, well, too digital and that’s not to mention that some effects like multiple exposures, cannot be fully replicated by a digital camera without

ENFOJER Portable Smartphone Photographic Enlarger

the art of black and white photo development is pretty much extinct since the invention of color-capable cameras. well, thanks to a bunch of photography enthusiasts, you can now relive the dark room photo developing experience even when your camera of choice is a smartphone.

Joby MPod Mini Stand

with smartphone being the shooter of choice for our daily photography needs, it makes perfect sense to be toting around a tripod to facilitate self-portraits, group shots and the likes. however, there exist a stumbling block: our smartphone doesn’t have a standard tripod thread. this is where the Joby MPod Mini Stand comes into play.

The LED Light Cube

image makers aka photographers and videographers looking to streamline their studio might want to check out this new kid on the lighting block, The LED Light Cube by Australia-based IC12. billed as the world’s first high-end, portable and interlocking LED flash and light source, The LED Light Cube brings LED technology to the forefront of image making world.

Lomography Petzval Portrait Lens

while lomography and today’s photoshop prowess can recreate most awesome effects of the past, but there is one truly old school style that we can’t replicate and that is the effect when using the 19th century Petzval lens, as developed by mathematician Professor Joseph Petzval (1807-1891) in 1840. the Petzval lens that Prof Petzval developed has spun off a totally unique photography art form

Capture V2 Camera Clip System

there are couple of ways which you could carry your DSLR. one being in the bag, which makes it not so quickly accessible and two, using a neck strap which tends to hinder your movements as the camera swings about as you move. the solution? the Capture V2 Camera Clip System. as the product name implies, this is the second generation of the first