Polaroid’s New Snap Instant Digital Camera Prints Instantly without Ink as You Shoot, Cost Just 99 Bucks

Actually, there’s probably nothing much to sell about the newly announced Polaroid Snap Instant Digital Camera, except that it is new, a tad sleeker and cost just 99 bucks when it lands in stores in Q4 this year. Sporting the iconic Polaroid Color Spectrum design on a choice of background color, it snaps 10MP stills, […]

ZIP Mobile Printer, Polaroid’s Pocket-friendly Instant Photo Printer is Now Open for Pre-order

Continuing to carry the torch of instant photography, Polaroid’s ZIP Mobile Printer caters to those who prefer not to go with those instant shooter with printer varieties (digital ones, that is), but still wish to have the power of, well, Polaroid instant cameras. With the ZIP (acronym for Zink Instant Photoprinter), you basically turn your […]

Polaroid’s Dashcams Can Also Keep You From Straying From Your Lane

The name Polaroid used to be synonymous with instant photography, but that was decades ago. These days, Polaroid is the name for everything electronics, having covered UHDTV, action camera, tablets, and both regular cameras and instant digital cameras, the Minnesota-based company now wants to dabble in the dash cam market. I am sure we are […]

Polaroid CUBE Is An Irresistibly Cute Action Camera That Measures Less Than 2 Inches

it is no secret that Polaroid is trying all its might to reinvent itself. it has, to date, serves up a slew of gadgets, covering every segment imaginable including tablets, digital instant cameras, action sports camera and such, to keep up with times and now, it has a new cute little guy joining the sports […]

The Polaroid Socialmatic Camera

today’s context of instant gratification is more than just instant print photography; we, like most connected earthlings, have the compulsive urge to share, and this is where The Polaroid Socialmatic Camera is going to fill the void as left by the traditional instant camera and digital camera.

Polaroid 50″ Ultra HD TV and 50″ Roku Ready Smart TV

you did not read wrongly and nor did we mistyped. Polaroid, the born-again instant camera company is going to offer you super affordable UHDTV and Roku-Ready Smart TV, namely the 50″ Ultra HD TV (50GSR9000) and the 50″ Roku Ready Smart TV (50GSR7100). so just how affordable those TVs are?

Polaroid M Series Tablet

Polaroid isn’t a name synonymous with tablets but then again, they are not new to this field either. any how, they have announced two new offerings under its M Series Tablet line: the M7 and the M10 tablets – alongside a kids tablet. the first of two, the M7 Dual Core HD Tablet, packs a 1.6 GHz dual-core A9 processor with 1GB RAM, a 7-inch 1,280 by 800 resolution…

Polaroid iM1836 Android Camera

just when we thought Polaroid is suffering from another freeze frame, it makes a pretty astounding announcement at the 2013 International CES: the world’s first Android-powered compact shooter with interchangeable lens. dubbed the Polaroid iM1836 Android Camera, this 18.0-megapixel shooter will run off Android 4.1 Jelly Bean and comes…