Cowon D20 All-in-One MP3 Player

in this age where smartphone virtually does it all, do we really need a standalone MP3 player? probably not, but that hasn’t stop Korean consumer electronics maker Cowon from launching the Cowon D20 All-in-One MP3 player. and their pitch? a pretty look and a massive lithium polymer battery that packs up to 90 hours of music playback

Google Glass

how many times have you missed out great moments because you feel a drag to pull out your mobile to take a shot or two? personally, i have one too many of such experiences. the about-to-realize Google Glass will ensure that will never happen again. with the Google Glass on, all you need is your voice command to do a bunch every day stuff such as

EPSON Moverio BT-100 Wearable Display

need some real private time with your personal video collection? tablets have made that a possibility but still, whoever is around you can still peep at what you are watching – not perfect and so, we thought the best bet for now is to don a pair of video eyewear or wearable display such as the EPSON Moverio BT-100 Wearable Display, for a true private viewing time…

Astell&Kern AK100 MQS Portable System

if you are a serious audiophile, we are guessing, a regular iPod isn’t going to cut it for you. in such case, you might need a portable audio system that packs some real oomph – one such as the Astell&Kern AK100 MQS Portable System by iRiver. the AK100 is touted to be the “ultimate portable high-fidelity port

Apple iPod touch and iPod nano

as far as the Apple September 12 Event goes, we are not entirely thrilled by the new iPhone 5 cos’ we thought what we had witness a few hours ago was merely an official confirmation by Apple on what we have heard and read so far (rumors can be such a spoiler, don’t they?). however, the other two products announced did managed to tickle our fancy. what we are referring to are none other than the new 5th-Gen iPod touch and 7th-Gen iPod nano – both devices sporting an all-new design – inside and out.

The MakerBot Mixtape

long before the digital music revolution, we have mixtape which we curate our favorite tunes from various sources, including other tapes, vinyls and even the radio, and compiled them into a cassette tape. it was a long, tedious process that involves an audio system that has a double deck cassette tape player and lots of button pushing. digitizing…

Sony Walkman F800 Series

is there still a place for portable music player since smartphone can do just about the same thing? probably yes, if it could do more than just spinning your favorite tunes like what iPod Touch offers, though it could still be quite a rough ride. despite this obvious fact, Sony has pushed ahead its answer to Apple’s iPod Touch…

winners of theKube2 touch interface MP3 players Giveaway

well, here’s the result to our theKube2 touch interface MP3 player giveaway. we didn’t have to draw lots as the result pretty much speaks for itself and so, we want to congratulate Claire…