Cars and Films Prints [Poster]

in some way, cars in movies are as iconic as the movie itself. there is this connection that’s quite mysterious and magical like if you see a 1959 Cadillac Miller-Meteor cruising past, you’d be reminded about the Ecto-1 and if you see a Lotus Esprit you think of James Bond, so on and so forth. this unique relation between the movies and the cars

The Greatest Band Ever Print [Poster]

calling all rock music lover. open before us is a rare opportunity to vote for your all-time favorite band and see how they pit against other bands in a printed infographic poster for real. this is not a dream, well, it will be a dream if these dudes don’t get your support via the crowdfunding platform, Kickstarter. The Greatest Band Ever Print by

Mad Men Print by Needle Design [Poster]

Mad Men appeal may not as far reaching as mafia series like The Sopranos, or fantasy drama such as the Game of Thrones, but still the series is no less acclaim and certainly not any less awesome. in fact, we think the show is absolutely cool and so is this non official poster Mad Men Print by Needle Design.

Space Invaders Propaganda Print [Poster]

mankind obsession with fighting off potential alien invaders are undying. that obsession was probably why the popularity of the 8-bit arcade game (or was it the other way round?), Space Invaders and to date, these pixelated enemy aliens have sort of became an cult icon for video gaming industry – as proven by its wide

Batman: An Illustrated Evolution Poster

the Cape Crusader has been around for grandpa years since 1939 and like all awesome things in life, it has been through a whole lot of change along the way. obvious changes were the costumes and vehicles but there is one significant but yet subtle change that most people did not pay a whole lot of attention to and that’s the Batman logo. yeah. we did take note of those logos over…

The Adventures of Tintin posters and trailer [photos & video]

Hollywood’s ‘lethal’ combination: director Steven Spielberg and producer Peter Jackson has made The Adventures of Tintin one to watch out for. i am not a huge fan of Tintin because my…