Nomad CNC Mill Wants You To Turn Your Desktop Into A Workshop

with 3D printer being all the rage today, it is easy to forget the good’ol, but highly versatile CNC mill machine. that said, if you are in for a machine that will provide you with the flexibility to create, or even to supplement your 3D printer, the Nomad CNC Mill might be a worthy candidate. […]

Makita BFR750 LXT Cordless Autofeed Screwdriver

a power home improvement person calls for power tools to aid in the various home improvement works cos’ who doesn’t want to get a job done faster so that you can kick back and relax to whatever you love doing most. the Makita BFR750 LXT Cordless Autofeed Screwdriver is just one such power tools that

Handibot Smart Digital Power Tool

ask any hobbyists or home improvement enthusiasts what they wished for and they will probably tell you 3D printers and CNC rigs are on the top of their list. well, now that we have quite a healthy servings of 3D printers going round the market, it is the CNC machine that isn’t. lathe, yes. traditional milling machine, yes. but one that’s smart

Black & Decker Modular MATRIX Tool System

tools – every handyman or handywoman loves them but as with all things in life, not everyone has the luxury of space to contain them all. worst, some of tools might only be used like once in the blue moon. the Black & Decker Modular MATRIX Tool System solves that seemingly simple dilemma. all…

Drill Gun Power Screwdriver

assuming that you are a home improvement Tim’s fan, then we suppose home improvement tools are a big part of your life against all your Mrs disapproval (what? don’t you already have a power screwdriver?). since you already at it, why not add the Drill Gun Power Screwdriver to your arsenal and spice things up a little? fashioned after a revolver pistol…

Black & Decker Gyro Screwdriver

home improvement enthusiasts and professionals alike rejoiced when powered screwdrivers first arrived into the market. since then, aching forearms due to turning a screwdriver becomes a thing of the past. and we thought that was it. nothing could done to make a simple screwing job any easier but apparently, Black & Decker…

Rockwell VersaCut

if you like to slice and dice up plywoods in your spare time (for your home improvement project, of course), then you will need something handy like the Rockwell VersaCut. it is a handheld mini-circular saw made for ease of portability. instead of having to setup complex and permanent work bed which can be very time consuming…