Samsung Origami Printer

however we try, a printer is never going to be eco-friendly. come on, folks, it prints and that means it is killing trees one way or another (not unless you are talking about papers made from Elephants’ dung). the least any printer maker can do is, to make the printer itself as eco-friendly as possible like this conceptual Samsung Origami Printer.

The Buccaneer Cloud 3D Printer

with each new 3D printer that pops up in the market, it claims as the ‘most affordable’ and as we observed, each one is better looking than the other. as consumers, we welcome both. The Buccaneer Cloud 3D Printer is yet another ‘up and coming’ 3D printer that’s planning on bagging the title of the world’s most

botObjects ProDesk3D Full Color 3D Desktop Printer

3D desktop printer has been gathering quite a bit of attention lately and even more so with the controversial 3D-printed gun movement, spearheaded by non-profit group Defense Distributed. we love firearms, but to be able to print right in your home is another whole ‘nother story. gun law, safety and

LG Pocket Photo Printer

in case you missed it, this LG Pocket Photo Printer was showcased at the 2013 International CES earlier this year. as the name suggest, it is a palm-sized printer that let you print any stills captured by your smartphone via inkless paper. based on the zero ink (aka ZINK) technology, so there’s no cartridge to mess with which also

The Form 1 High-Res 3D Printer

if you sneer at 3D printer and think of it as nothing more than a rich man toy or a hulking, aesthetically disastrous machine for the pros only, think again. the Form 1 High-Res 3D Printer is nothing like have seen before. created by Formlabs, a spun off from the MIT Media Lab, the Form 1 is sleek, compact and low cost 3D printer that employs high-end stereolithography (SL)…

MakerBot Replicator 2

have a great product idea? but what’s the use of a brilliant product idea if you can’t turn it into a physical item to get a real world feel and look of it? lucky for us, we are in an era that prototyping could be a relatively inexpensive endeavor and all of us could save ourselves the hassle of hunting down the right prototyping company (and among other…

BERG Little Printer

having a hard time keeping up with digital news content? yeah, we do too. the materials on the web is incredibly massive and it does get to a point that it consumes too much of your time just by going through what you want and what you don’t want to read about. believe me, it is a common thing these days. that said, don’t you wish you can have a personalized…