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Loewe SoundVision and SoundBox

Loewe SoundVision
(photos: Loewe) Loewe SoundVision (£1,250) and SoundBox (£499) | www.loewe-int.de

gone were the days where a good hi-fi system requires stack and stack of components and huge amount of cables snaking behind an impossibly awkward cabinet. that was our grandpa’s era standards and they just don’t fit into our modern interior decor where minimalism is the order of the day. what we need is something that offers great sound quality, flexibility and yet, do not require a rocket scientist to set it up. that calls for a sound system like the Loewe SoundVision or the Loewe SoundBox. the former sports a sound bar design and is loaded with features like a gorgeous 7.5-inch multitouch display, six speakers (including two subwoofers), integrated FM radio, access to Internet radio, CD player (slot-in style, no less), USB input, a dock for your iPhone or iPod, wireless connectivity that includes WIFI and Bluetooth, and interchangeable color side inserts. Continue reading Loewe SoundVision and SoundBox

Geneva Sound System Model XS

Geneva Sound System Model XS
(photos: Geneva Lab) Geneva Sound System Model XS | £179.00 | uk.genevalab.com

remember the days when your grandpa’s love of music result in a stack of audio equipment, along with a clutter of cables snaking around the house? that was then. in today’s context, good sound reproduction requires far less bulk and completely clutter-free. to this end, we go on the wireless portable route and that’s the Bluetooth speakers. surely the market is not lacking of such speakers but one that is packed with features and a good look to boot, is not something you come across every day. the Geneva Sound System Model XS happens to be part of that rare breed. billed as the world’s first portable audio system with true Hi-Fi sound, the Model XS drew its inspiration from the classic travel clock with its leather-like clamshell design. Continue reading Geneva Sound System Model XS

Nakamichi My Mini Plus Portable Speakers

Nakamichi My Mini Plus Portable Speakers
(photos: Nakamichi) Nakamichi My Mini Plus Portable Speakers | S$69.90 | www.nakamichi.com

who doesn’t love portable speakers? i for one, would rather listen to some half-decent portable speakers than to hear those terrible sounding music that came right out of today’s mobile phones. since we aren’t hitting the beach as often, i figure that extreme portability is the key, which means a portable speaker should be like something that fits right into the palm of our hands and still offers decent sound quality. the Nakamichi My Mini Plus is just one of those portable speakers that might just fit the aforementioned criteria. this unassuming cube speaker measures just a 5 cm (1.97 inch) on each side and weighs in at 139 grams but despite its wee size, it promise to deliver exceptional sound quality. Continue reading Nakamichi My Mini Plus Portable Speakers

Polk Audio I-Sonic Entertainment System 3

Polk Audio I-Sonic Entertainment System 3
(photos: Polk Audio) Polk Audio I-Sonic Entertainment System 3 | US$299.95 | www.polkaudio.com

looking for a non-obtrusive audio system that will fill your room with audiophile-grade sound? then you are in luck as speaker specialist, Polk Audio has announced a compact tabletop audio system, the I-Sonic Entertainment System 3 or IES3, that is designed to be placed virtually anywhere in your home. granted that the look of the IES3 may not be revolutionary but Polk has bestowed the IES3 with a host of features that include the patent-pending I-Speaker Technology, innovative 4-speaker array, Polk’s patented PowerPort Base venting technology, 20-station AM/FM tuner, an auxiliary input for additional sound sources, headphone jack, a clear LCD displays artist and title, plus a clock with snooze/sleep alarm and timer. Continue reading Polk Audio I-Sonic Entertainment System 3

Amplify – radio hack turns your guitar amp into a radio

(image: JackGFisher)

traveling musicians would have a guitar amps with them on the road and wouldn’t it be nice if the very guitar amp that turns out your crunching tunes can doubles as a radio? sound impossible? with Amplify, that is a reality, not a concept. some said that they have seen such a contraption, regardless what the ‘some’, we think it is a cool innovation and from the look of it, it should go perfectly well with your classic Fender or Marshall amps. the Amplify is the creation of Instructables member, JackGFish and this radio hack was part of his second year product design coursework project at the Dundee University. if you like what you see, you can create one yourself by following JackGFish’s instructions HERE. click on the above image for larger view. Continue reading Amplify – radio hack turns your guitar amp into a radio

NAD C 446 Digital Media Tuner

NAD C 446 Digital Media Tuner
(image: NAD Electronics) NAD C 446 Digital Media Tuner | $799.99 | nadelectronics.com

many audio equipment makers are chasing the AirPlay hype but if you are not into AirPlay, the good news is, there are still options abound for you when it comes to purchasing a network media player. in this case, the NAD C 446 Digital Media Tuner might be a worthy candidate for your consideration. aesthetically, it is styled in a very NAD fashion and like most good network media player in the market, it dutifully act as a gateway to your digital music collections huddling somewhere in your USB flash drives, network drives or computers, and plus it also offers easy access to Internet radio portals and support for cloud music services such as Last.fm but that’s not all. Continue reading NAD C 446 Digital Media Tuner

Suck UK Cardboard Radio – FM Radio + MP3 player

Suck UK Cardboard Radio 544x628px
(credit: Suck UK) Suck UK Cardboard Radio | £25.00 | www.suck.uk.com

too many complex gadgets in your life? i assure you that this next gadget will not add to that list of complex gadgets of yours. new from Suck UK is this aptly dubbed Cardboard Radio which, honestly speaking, has nothing much to elaborate on then to say that it is a standard radio enclosed in a simple card structure. so what good does it do? well, on the eco-friendliness perspective, you can be sure that at least the external can be recycled when it’s time to bid farewell to it. as for the internal, we can’t say for sure. though based on general understanding of a simple radio’s working, they usually don’t breakdown like the more complex gadgets we have today. in line with its simplicity, its specification is also pretty scant but i do note that it can probably be use as media player speaker. at least that’s what the image is telling me. the Suck UK Cardboard Radio retails for a modest £25 (about US$40). Continue reading Suck UK Cardboard Radio – FM Radio + MP3 player

ultimate breakfast combo: slices of toasts and radio

Breville Radio Toaster 544x488
(image credit: Breville) Breville 2 Slice Radio Toaster | £49.99 | www.breville.co.uk

if you are one of those who needs a little music and toasts to kickstart your day, Breville has a solution for you. introducing the Breville Radio Toaster, or is it a Toaster Radio? either way, this nifty kitchen gadget will ensure you get your daily morning fix for both music and toast – simultaneously. sounds wonderful. isn’t it?

on the toaster end, the Radio Toaster features a 2-slice variable wide slots catering to both thin and thick slices of bread and the variable browning control ensures the toast turns out exactly the way you wanted it. it also supports common duty expected of a modern day toaster such as reheating and defrosting, and it allows mid-cycle canceling, in case you decided to abort the whole toasting thing.

beyond its retro-ish appearance, it has a non-retro element slapped onto it – which is the toaster’s music department in the form of a FM/AM radio with ten preset radio channels. an illuminated digital display shows you what channel you are on and an auxiliary-in is present, just in case you find the morning radio sucks and you needed an MP3 to save the morning from turning into a disaster.

the Breville Toaster Radio retails at £49.99 (about US$81) which is inexpensive, considering it has two functions rolled into one. sure, you can always have a toaster and a music player on your breakfast table, but why not cut the clutter with a one piece gadget and in the process, freeing up the space for more toast? sounds like an awesome idea.

cooking up to the sound of DAB: DUALIT DAB Lite Radio

Dualit DAB Lite 544px
(photo credit: dualit.com) DUALIT DAB Lite Radio | approx. US$194 | www.dualit.com

if you think cooking and music can’t go together. think again. the DUALIT DAB Lite Radio features a 6-watt, 3-inch speaker with a in-built charger so that you can cook up a storm in the kitchen while listening to any of the 20 preset stations.

of course, you can use it anywhere but with a 99 minute kitchen egg timer as part of its feature, why would you use it anywhere else? having a BBQ party? lug the DUALIT DAB Lite outdoor and the rechargeable NiMH battery has enough juice to power it for the day on one single charge. it can also run off 6 x AA batteries (not included) or via the mains.

among the features include bass port for rich sound, alarm with snooze & sleep options, 3.5mm headphones jack – all these clad in a sexy contemporary chrome body with a LCD white on blue display (which automatically dims to save power). well, i gotta say the DUALIT DAB Lite is definitely an eye-candy but my worry is… it’s going to be a fingerprint magnet.

Scorpion multi-purpose solar-powered digital weather radio

Eton Corp Scorpion Digital Radio 544px
(credit: ETON) ETON Scorpion | US$tbc | etoncorp.com

this one is a must-have if you are an eco-conscious adventurer. if you only can have one gadget to survive the outdoor adventure, the Scorpion should be the one. let me try listing it’s features: digital AM/FM radio tuner, aluminum carabiner, LED flash light, bottle opener, USB for charging your mobile phone, NOAA weather band, all these house in a splash-proof rugged exterior case. sweet? asides from water and food, this could be the one thing you have to bring in your outdoor adventure. no worries if there’s no sunlight, it has a crank-powered to give you the power you will need. how’s that for an eco-friendly gadget? Continue reading Scorpion multi-purpose solar-powered digital weather radio