Bose Wave Music System III

Bose Wave Music System III
Bose Wave Music System III | US$499.95 |

generally, there are two camps when it comes to audio system: the complex and the no-fuss. if you belongs to the latter category, you probably have your eyes on Bose. we consider Bose as the no-fuss category where most of its system requires minimal setup routine and plus, you can count on Bose to come up with sleek, clean look, every time. though we have no doubt about Bose’s sound quality as we have witnessed it first hand on more than one occasion. however, i must say that the Bose-way is more of a traditionalist route than anything else and that’s what the latest Wave Music System III is about. this high-end bedside clock-radio features a CD player with MP3 CD support, advanced FM/AM tuner, audio headphone jack, auxiliary-in, remote, as well as the mandatory clock with dual independent alarms. the good news for sleepy-head is that snoozing your alarm has never been easier: all it takes is to hit the top of the device and it goes into snooze mode. the Wave III here is aimed squarely at audiophile who demands only the basic sources, so technologically-driven individuals who wants more than the basics such as iPod/iPhone or Bluetooth connectivity will have to shell out extra dough for those connectivities. that also means breaking the beautiful line of the device, which is not exactly something purists would embrace. the Bose Wave Music System III comes in three color options: titanium silver, graphite gray, or platinum white, and command a $499.95 price tag. expect to fork out another $99.95 per kit for the iPod or Bluetooth connectivity.

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